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A Metro Approach 3 Years Ago (How I Met My Girlfriend)

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Love-TrainI’ve been dating my G/F for over three years, and people often ask how we met. If they are in the game, they ask how the approach went. So here it is:

10am on a Sunday morning I was on my way to the Dupont Farmer’s Market. A girl sat across from me (in front of me)  in the train and started reading a magazine (TVFN). I opened by asking her if the magazine was any good or just an advertisement for Bobby Flay. I would have opened the set regardless, but it was nice to have a prop, especially one related to my identity (food).

I had to do even more talking and drawing the woman out than usual, and screening tools (What do you look for in a man?) did not work (she told me it was cheating), but that has to do with the girl in particular. A lot of game that works for me did not work with her (like with Style’s G/F in the book, The Game) but I recognized that there is a difference between disinterest and “not yet interested” (there were no physical IOIs since she is shy)…and kept going. Also, since I was seated across from her…there was no kino in the train itself.”

We were going to different farmers markets, so I got her to come with me to mine. I even knew one of the women selling us vegetables. I then bounced her to lunch…to a place that a (female) publicist had been trying to get me to try. I have a ethnic/cultural link to the restaurant.

In total, I was with her 2.5 hours on this initial meeting. I got her out the following Sunday (a week later).


So, where are you from?

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

It is funny, because this may seem like an AFC question (like “What do you do?”) when asked early on but I’m in a very transient city, where people are from everywhere and it gives me (with my food-based identity) an easy jumping point to talking about food.

Yesterday, I picked up a HB8.5 on the bus and (bounced to) metro. She just moved here from S. Cali. Easy jumping point to me telling stories about chili peppers, and to busting her…on CA people thinking Mex food sucks here. Easy transition to seeding and letter settign up a taco date. I generally don’t setup food as a first date, but this is really inexpensive and turns out the same price as meeting for drinks at a HH. And, it’s nearby.

The Mailbag (Questions for Cuisine) – Metro Game

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Adept asked me this via text. 😉  You can email questions to me here.



What % of your metro approaches are in the train, vs. platform or moving sets?  Which of these is the most difficult?



My approaches are split pretty evenly between the platform (including benches) and the actual train.   I do very few moving sets that are not on the actual platform.  I have (a few times) opened on the escalator or within the larger metro system (between the platform and street), usually on the way to the platform, and # closed them there. 

Standing platform sets are the most difficult.  You can tell by their (closed/uncomfortable) body langauge.



Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Last night I got a hottie on the phone from a Social Event Thursday (and it was a great 20 minute phonecall with a date being setup)…and at one point:

Me: Do you cook. Her: “no. I like food though.”

Me: Do you bake.  Her: “no.”  (She thinks she is losing me.)

Me: You need to bring something to the table besides being cute.  Are you good at buying dessert?

Her:  “Yes. I’m good at that. I can go to Wholefoods and know what is chocolaty enough.”


Last week’s metro (train) opener.: When a cutie coughs, I say:

“Swine flu? That sounded kind of oinky.”  Knack picked that one up from me and has been using it for a week.