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Knack’s DC Bootcamp is September 9-11

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Knack is back from Asia for a short time and is planning one Washington DC bootcamp. He coached me when I was new. He is awesome. Email him at if you are interested and tell him “Cuisine” sent you. Word has it he was he behind the scenes coach on Season 2 of the Pick Up Artist Show. 🙂 I may even show and help out a bit.


From Knack:

Dates for Knacks Bootcamp is Sept 9-11. it will be very intense. Cost is 350. Included will be a meet and greet with Brian from Season 2 of the Pick Up Artist Show.

Adonis AND DJ Fuji will be speaking for the DC Lair Friday September 10

Friday, August 27th, 2010


Register for the Adonis and DJ Fuji talk through:

Also, DJ Fuji has been added as a speaker as well.


A couple of announcements.

1. We have had a private lair (Knack’s) for a couple of years, and many members were from the old DC Lair (including several of the coaches,  one of the original founders, the person who last ran the lair, and other members).  The DC Lair is now semi-private….meaning it is opening up to new members…a bit.  🙂

BTW, I now own the domain (I need to set it up).

Email me at for more info on DC Lair.

2. Adonis (AKA Nick Quick), an expert on Same Day Lays (and author of a book on the subject) will be speaking for our lair (and groups we open it up to) for free on Friday evening September 16th.  Location TBA but it will be in DC or Arlington.

3. DJ Fuji has been added to this talk. Bios are on the evenbrite link above.



Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Last night I got a hottie on the phone from a Social Event Thursday (and it was a great 20 minute phonecall with a date being setup)…and at one point:

Me: Do you cook. Her: “no. I like food though.”

Me: Do you bake.  Her: “no.”  (She thinks she is losing me.)

Me: You need to bring something to the table besides being cute.  Are you good at buying dessert?

Her:  “Yes. I’m good at that. I can go to Wholefoods and know what is chocolaty enough.”


Last week’s metro (train) opener.: When a cutie coughs, I say:

“Swine flu? That sounded kind of oinky.”  Knack picked that one up from me and has been using it for a week.