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Cock Block & AMOG Defense

Friday, September 19th, 2014

cock_block_by_akgaimer-d3ihft9Here is a the beginning of a longer question regarding cock blocks. Below it will be my response.

According to my friends I am the most cock blocked guy he has ever seen.

There are two types of cock blockers

  1. Hater gal pal who wants her friend to be as unhappy as she is
  2. Guy who likes the girl and is an orbiter

There are two cock blocking situations

  1. Cock blocking when you are in the process of opening/picking up
  2. Cock blocking after initial contact

-Cock Blocked


Dear Cock Blocked:

Some quick thoughts:

We call women who do this cock blocks, and men AMOGs (Alpha Male Of The Group).

– If you are running SOLID game and the girl is into you, she probably won’t let anyone pull her away or block you without giving you her number. I’ve had girls refuse to be pulled away and even tell their friends to go ahead (within the venue) and that she would catch up, or stop and give me their number. Work on your attraction game (including DHVs). You want her to LOOK like she is really into you because then her friends are less likely to interfere. This includes IOIs and body positioning.

– A lot of guys try to win the group over first so that the group doesn’t mess with you, although I probably do that without really thinking about it. So, I wouldn’t call it a conscious tactic of mine.

– Have you seen AMOG Battle on you tube by Asian Playboy? . It explains how to deal with guys (AMOGs) trying to take a girl from you. I was doing all of this prior to finding the video, but it is a good reference.

– Try using wings to occupy obstacles including potential cock blocks and AMOGs. Work body language reading skills, so that you can better read the situations you are in. That can often help you manage a problem before it happens (because you see it coming). Try reading Superflirt, Superdate, and You Say More Than You Think.

– BTW, Sometimes her friends block you because the girl in question has a boyfriend and it’s obvious that it is a pickup.


AMOG Tactic

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Last night I was talking to 2 HBs – HB8.25 and 9.25) and a guy entered the group between me and the 9.5 (my target)…the second he said anything to the obstacle ( so they had eye contact) I stepped back, took him by the shoulders and moved him to the to the girl he was talking to (8.5)…and I continued talking to the target. This was basically as the amog entered the set since he said hi to them both. It wasn’t rude on my part because it looked like i was letting him talk to the girl he had eye contact with…but it signaled to my target clearly that she was my target and that I am assertive and smooth. I have also done it without physically handling the amog…by repositioning myself to talk to the target while he talks to obstacle.

Friend Support

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

I recently had a client tell me that his female friends won’t help him with girls. They tell him they won’t help him FC. It’s all framing…your friends should like you and want you to succeed (at business, in your relationships, etc). Frame it as you looking for a girlfriend…and then if you talk to girls, they should be ok with it. And, they should never interfere with you talking to girls. That is why we don’t use ex g/fs or girls with crushes on us as pivots (girls who help us with other girls). If they are getting in your way, that relationship needs to be re-evaluated or the person needs to be talked to about it. Same thing if male friends are AMOG’ing you.

Also, you can help your pivots with guys – in the field or with friends.

I generally frame PU as a journey of self improvement, and noways…I frame myself as a coach (someone out to help people with this journey).

Some naturals will AMOG even if they are your friends. I have one who does it but he can’t stop me from pulling. If a friend is holding you back, don’t take him to places where you want to talk to girls. You want cool wingmen you vibe with, and you will then help each other with women.

Kino in Daygame

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

People are social animals who connect through touch (kino).  The amount and kinds of touch vary per individual and environment.  The challenge with day game is knowing that train, music festival, street, library, bookstore, beach, park, cafe, shopping mall food court, supermarket, clothing store, etc…..approaches  may require different amounts of physical touch.   I do believe that you should kino both during day game and night game, and that if you are not, you should learn how.

Game is game and game requires kino.  Social people touch each other and being social (and having social inelligence) is attractive to women.  The people who looked most comfortable in the picture I posted regarding body language…were touching others.  The ones who were less comfortable either crawled up inside themselves ad shrank away or hid behind something (like a drink).

Social people even touch people of the same sex (in appropriate ways like (in men) fist bumps and shoulder taps and high fives)…its part of being social.  If you shrink away from another man tapping your shoulder or something (I’ve seen it happen)…you are inviting the AMOGing (alpha males dominating you) of your life. 🙂

In general…kino less in day game than night game unless its high energy day game like a music festival.  Kino even less if its somewhere where people are natural uncomfortable and low energy like a metro…and even less on the metro platform standing up.

I like to teach  how to kino in general – how and where to touch.   Some people like to teach kino gambits (I use the ring finger routine).  A combination is fine as well.