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Sunday, December 15th, 2013

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Monday, April 18th, 2011

We’ve gotten some great questions lately.  Here are a few:

What are some common misconceptions newbies make about day and night game?

Day: thinking you are interrupting them.  Using the “Excuse me” (Greenpeace) opener (since it puts them in the frame that they are more important than you and you are interrupting them); you want to approach them more like a friend would than a Greenpeace employee. Not working hired guns (store employees). Getting stuck on the opener and losing control of the conversation.

Night:  They think large sets or mixed sets are more difficult than they are.  Not working hired guns for social proof and/or as targets.

Are most of your clients lawyers?

That’s a DC Question.  It varies, but if you are looking for trends: I do get a lot of lawyers, doctors, students, and doctors as clients as you’d expect.  I also get a lot of military clients, including officers.

Do you do style consultations?

Yes, sometimes combined with daygame sessions.

What advice do you have for daygame newbies?

Practice! Get good wings who you get along well with. Get coaching so that you correct and/or don’t develop bad habits and jumpstart your game.


AMOG Tactic

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Last night I was talking to 2 HBs – HB8.25 and 9.25) and a guy entered the group between me and the 9.5 (my target)…the second he said anything to the obstacle ( so they had eye contact) I stepped back, took him by the shoulders and moved him to the to the girl he was talking to (8.5)…and I continued talking to the target. This was basically as the amog entered the set since he said hi to them both. It wasn’t rude on my part because it looked like i was letting him talk to the girl he had eye contact with…but it signaled to my target clearly that she was my target and that I am assertive and smooth. I have also done it without physically handling the amog…by repositioning myself to talk to the target while he talks to obstacle.

Halloween Highlights

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

I sarged Thurs-Saturday and got about a dozen #s (two were date-closes/time bridges), social game (party), night game, several metro and a couple of street approaches.

As always…wit and humor work very well.  Saturday I opened my street approaches and sets while in (a beercan) costume with lines like:

  • *Stop looking at my can…my eyes are up here.
  • *Does this suit make my can look big?
  • *I have the biggest can in the place.
  • *You have can envy – I can tell.

On Saturday evening, my wing was Adept who was dressed as “Ug the Cavemen” and would open with things like:

  • *Are you looking for the…club? (He would wave the club)
  • *It’s so easy, even I can do it.
  • *There won’t be a clubbing, the cave is full.

Often women would just open us.

Oh, I did get the # of a woman dressed as Madonna, who is 7 inches taller than me.

Social Proof From Hired Guns

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

I can’t stress the importance if vibing with people who work in stores and restaurants and bars, especially ones you frequent normally.  Every time I enter the mall, I give the women at a particular kiosc a hug.  I also know my servers in restaurants and hired (of various types) guns in bars.  It’s social proof, but it also opens them and their present and future coworkers (and even customers) up as targets.  That is how I # closed that Dead Sea products girl, and they are some of the toughest hired guns out there.  That is also how I # closed a kiosk employee the same day, since her coworker knew me.

Oh, “call back humor” (inside jokes) works on hired guns. 🙂

Also, I get a lot of free stuff and discounts from vibing with hired guns and being a regular.

Cognitive Dissonance response from Adonis

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Two of our readers commented regarding the CD definition I posted. Puma asked about CD in game, and Adonis responded (under his Charming Rogue account on twitter) saying that he would followup with more info.  here it is (thanks):

Adonis – Cognitive Dissonance

July 11, 2009 by Adonis

AdonisTo truly understand the process of seduction, a working understanding of the theory of Cognitive Dissonance is necessary. Cognitive Dissonance is caused when a person holds two or more conflicting or contradictory beliefs about the self. When this is experienced, it causes a person so much discomfort that they will typically rationalize one belief away. For example, a woman you have approached and attracted suddenly finds herself wanting to go to bed with you, but this conflicts with her idea of being a good girl or at least not a slut.

(Note: The term “slut” is a construct created by women to use as a weapon to lower other women’s social value. I have no misogynistic intentions in using this word. As previously stated, I believe women should be free to engage in any sexual acts she so desires without judgment.)

She then rationalizes that going home with you was “meant to be” or “fate” and therefore it is permissible for her to act on her impulses. Her cognitive dissonance has been removed.

Cognitive Dissonance is also why proper escalation is so effective. If she is complying with each of your escalations she will often possess two conflicting beliefs:

1) Things are rapidly getting more and more physical and intimate; and
2) Only an “easy” or “slutty” girl would allow rapid escalations to happen with someone they don’t really like. In order to abet her cognitive dissonance, she will rationalize to herself that she must really like you because she is definitely not easy or a slut.

Cognitive Dissonance is an important component of Sexual Framing. I will be covering the tools I actually use to Frame a Women Sexually in an upcoming article.

A post by PUMA about Girl Candy and myself

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

I met PUMA at the Neil Strauss book signing for “Emergency” a couple of months ago, and she has posted both about our meeting and her experiences pivoting for me (pivot=wing girl).  Her focus is applying PUA tactics to sales and marketing.

This post of hers not only shows the important of focus and having goals, but also shows how important it is to be able to read body language and IOIs.  GC didn’t realize how well he was doing…and PUMA didn’t see the signs until I pointed them out.



The Power of Focus by PUMA

“Man–she was all over you.”

“She was?”

“Girl Candy, the woman had her hands between her legs, pressing against her thighs. She was looking for someone to f^%$ and that someone was you.”


“So what’s your plan? Do you want to take her home?”

“I don’t know…”

“Do you want her phone number?”


“Are you going to ask her out? Are you going to take her home? What are you going to do?”

This was the conversation between Girl Candy and Cuisine, his coach.

Girl Candy seemed excited, but confused.

A few minutes earlier he had pulled me over to pivot for him as he approached these two HBs (hot babes). One thing about Girl Candy–he has no fear, none of the approach anxiety that paralyzes so many newbies. But then, Girl Candy isn’t exactly a newbie. When Cuisine first told me about him, he said that he is very good, but not a PUA. I had hung out with him twice before, but I had never seen him operate.

Now I understand that he is naturally good with women (attractive and exotic, so that helps, too), but he doesn’t know technique. For example, he doesn’t know how to use a pivot.

So Girl Candy pulled me over to the bar next to these two girls. We laughed about nothing and he “accidentally” bumped into one of them (good move!). Then in a few minutes, he went over to them and opened the set. At first, they busted his balls pretty well and were quite rude. It didn’t phase him and he kept on. Eventually one of the girls turned her back and left the conversation. I stood there like a third wheel.

I kept looking around for Cuisine and tried to think of a reason to leave, but Girl Candy kept bringing me back into the set. The target was still being pretty demanding/rude to him, clearly demonstrating her power. If Girl Candy could put her in her place, he’d be golden, but I was afraid he was just being evasive and failing.

Finally, Cuisine rescued me. He pulled me out of the set and as we stood there he continued to watch them over my shoulder. I told Cuisine I was afraid Girl Candy wasn’t doing very well, but Cuisine begged to differ.

“Are you kidding me? She is IOIing him like crazy! Her hands are all over her throat. Now her hands are all over her thighs.” It must have started after I got pulled out, because I didn’t see any of that–and I pride myself on being good at reading body language (when I pay attention). All I saw was her pushing him around.

But would Girl Candy pull the trigger?

Cuisine took me to another part of the bar where we talked and waited.

Girl Candy finally came over and we debriefed–hence the above conversation between the two of them.

Cuisine kept pushing him–“You could do anything with that girl right now–what do you want to do? What’s your goal?”

He didn’t know. He didn’t even know who his target was when he opened the set, and he certainly didn’t have a planned outcome.

He said, “I just want to see how it flows.”

That’s the difference between a PUA and everyone else. A PUA has a plan. A PUA is focussed. A PUA knows in advance what he’s going to do and does it. It doesn’t work with every girl (Cuisine later got a major blowout from an attractive Asian girl–I think, like me, he gets a kick out of getting people to smile when they look sour or distracted; unfortunately, her expression of boredom (and disgust?) never changed.), but it works.

A PUA has a system. They follow the system, they leave as little as possible to chance, and they get laid.

Girl Candy, on the other hand, like so many other guys, flies by the seat of his pants–a point that Cuisine would emphasize over and over throughout the course of the evening.