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Style 101: The First Date/Impression

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

Here is a short article I wrote for DC Life Magazine’s style issue.

Style is more than just how you dress—it also includes how you carry yourself. So, let’s talk about some good ways to make a good first impression (other than being on time).

When people are interested in each other, they tend to ask questions, be responsive, and hopefully share of themselves. Some other good signs are good eye contact, touching occasionally, laughing at each other’s jokes, putting themselves in your proximity, and in the case of women, play with their hair. Yes, I am simplifying things a bit–I could write several articles about body language and flirting (and may yet).

If you don’t have it, adopt comfortable (and open) body language (including good posture). This is something you work on over time. As an example, if you come off as nervous because you are fidgety and speak quickly, then you can work on calming your hands and speaking more slowly. If you come off as closed because you block yourself with crossed arms, scarves, turtlenecks, a drink, etc., then you can work on opening yourself up–your throat, chest, and groin should not be blocked by anything. Being seen as unapproachable is a problem that many women have, especially in cities like DC and New York City.

Always dress well, even if you are just going to 7-11 for two minutes. You never know where you will meet someone, and clothes that don’t fit (or flatter) you or are worn out are never appropriate. Gym clothes are appropriate when you are exercising. Women for some reason tend to have negative impressions of pleated Dockers and Hawaiian shirts on men (well, probably on anyone). I am fine with jeans as long as they are nice jeans and are not too fatigued; I like Express jeans (especially since they text coupons so are a good value), but if you have the funds for higher end jeans like Joe’s ($160 a pair), that works as well. Women notice details, including a nice belt, pair of shoes, etc. Yes, women DO look at your shoes (including the backs of the shoes for shine), so nice (and shined) shoes help. Men don’t usually look at women’s shoes, but for women, clothes or shoes that make you feel confident or sexy can help.

 If you dress average, then you seem average. Is that the impression you want to make? If you need it, get help! Most people have stylish friends they can ask about style advice, but various stylish clothes stores have knowledgeable employees—if they are pushing your limits a bit, that is alright. A good style website for men is Kino Wear, and they guy who runs it performs style consultations for men (in New York City). You can also find a variety of good websites that teach you how to match colors (often with the aid of a color wheel). Yes, we all know, black shoes and shown belts do not match, unless you have one of Jon Wye’s belts that contains both brown and Black. If you like pendants, try Creative Art & Soul.



Dress Style: Congruence

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011


Over the years (that I’ve been in game) I have improved my dress style and developed my own personal style. I am complimented often on my hat (because a good hat screams that you have style) and pendants.  What I’ve found interesting is that people look at your outer game for in-congruence and tell you if they find it.   Examples:

In Philly, a Rockabilly musician with a good dress style complimented my hat and pendant (and overall style) but mentioned that I need to get out of the sneakers. Made sense since I was only wearing the sneakers because I was traveling and only had that one pair of shoes on me (I stopped at the gym on the way). Not bringing a pair of nicer shoes as well was laziness on my part.

I dressed down one day and walked through at farmers market (that I visit weekly) in a polo shirt and old shorts and two people mentioned that I was dressed down.  I did have the pendant.


Women ask where my I bought the pendants to see if they are off the shelf or purchased from an artist or crafter. With the way I dress, they figure the pendant isn’t from Macy’s.


Outergame: T-shirt Sale

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Dark Side of Disco: $12.

Livingtree: $7.

Uneetee has a huge selection of T-shirts and through 4/10 they have several at $7, some at $12, and the rest at $15.

Juicy: $15.

Temple Of Fireflies: $15.



Good Website For Pendants

Monday, February 7th, 2011

I’ve given Kris at Creative Art and Soul and her pendants a shout out before but my black on dark orange tree of life pendant shattered against the hard floor at JFK airport a few months ago and I ordered a replacement: silver on gray.  I am getting opened on the pendant a lot.  One/friends of my clients has this one, and is also opened on it often.  Choose something that you have an affinity for, so that you can have a story for the piece.  She even has hobby  (bike spoke, camera), religious and cultural themes.  The tree of life is one of the religious-themed pendants.

Update: This vendor will be at the Ballston Art Market this year on the 2nd Saturdays of April, May and August.


Color Reality

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

I have been writing about fashion lately…and I realize that you might need a good color matching guide.  Try this one.  So, yes…that yellow pendant matches the lavender shirt.  🙂


Mighty Big Man (Clothes)

Monday, September 13th, 2010

For those of you who are “Big and tall”…beyond the range for most in-person retail stores…try this online store:

Mighty Big Man

Mighty Big Man currently has a $25 sale, including jeans. Some of it looks PUA worthy (for bigger guys). I originally found out about this site from “Rampant” in North Carolina. He purchased some good looking jeans from the website.  They do have good sales sometimes, such as the current $25 sale.

Cool Pendants: Creative Art And Soul

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

Pendants from Creative Art & Soul

I am always on the lookout for cool or unique clothes and accessories–I ran across Creative Art And Soul at an art show today. She has a great variety and many could be identity pieces or story pieces. I chose 3 pieces:

  • Blue Crab (ties into my fishing/crabbing trip to S. VA this summer and my food identity)
  • The Tree of Life (ties into religion)
  • Dragon/Sword (which is just plain cool and would complement a particular shirt I wear in bars.)

All tie into arts/artists/crafts. I can see certain pieces (religious ones, chemistry set, ethnic ones, camera, mountain bike, etc.) being used as identity or story pieces.


Outer Game: Belts

Friday, September 11th, 2009

COMIC-RED-BLUE-FULL-1I ran into Jon Wye at Eastern Market last weekend while I was working with a client.  Jon designs and makes his own belts, including his new line of Pirate Chef wear (includes an apron).  He has polka dot belts,  the home maker belt, a belt with flames, a kung fu belt, a belt with bananas and monkeys, etc.  He also has interesting buckles like the waffle, junk (points down), coffee cup, cherry pie, rooster (cock), etc.   I own the “fighting cock” belt, which is the rooster buckle on the kung fu belt; now…that is peacocking! 😉

He will be in Chicago and at Adams Morgan this weekend.  I assume he will be at one festival, and his partner will be at another.

They are talking about making scratch and sniff belts…and the pirate chef belt has a turkey on it.  If they do scratch and sniff belts that smell like turkey…no girl will think it is an accident that a guy smells that way. 😉  Jon – try vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, etc.