About “Cuisine”

I am “Cuisine” and ten years ago, I was not achieving my desired level of success with women.  I received some training, worked on outer game and approach anxiety, and eventually got damn good at this – better than people (who don’t understand how game works) think someone who looks like me should. 🙂  I’m short, pudgy,  balding and not particularly young.  I am proof that you don’t need to be tall and athletic to have game and tremendous success with women.  Proper coaching will help, but you also need to be willing to put the effort in to improve yourself.

Some of my specialties include:

Daygame (malls, bookstores, restaurants, festivals, street approaches) for which I have built quite a reputation.

Attraction and banter (humor gets girls)

–  Body language (your own and reading theirs)

–  Social game (events, friends circle, speeddating, etc.)

–  Internet dating

–  Night/bar game.

I have previously coached for Venusian Arts in NYC and DC.

Send questions, and comments to Cuisine@daygamer.net.  Include your phone number when requesting coaching information.

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Some of my products include:

–  Monthly programs, Full weekend bootcamps and three hour mini-bootcamps (day or night game).

–  In-field wing man training.

–  Internet Profile creation and revision.

–  Identity/Story Work

A few highlights:


Additional Testimonials:

“Cuisine is a good coach who genuinely gives a damn and cares whether or not his coaching is helping students.”

-Identity, Virginia (Venusian Arts Bootcamp)


“Wow.  No idea where to begin.  Basically a 36 hour Journey of Cuisine watching me in set and finding issues that not only did I not know I had, but didn’t know were issues to begin with.  It was great that he had a few guys come out and sarge with me so he could take me through the process of watching the other person and see what they were doing well and doing wrong.  I waited a little over a month to write a review because I wanted to see some finite results and post those.

My improvements with women are very subtle and slow but I am recognizing IOIs much better, more frequently, and much faster even if there is no interaction.  I finally memorized the banter deck Cuisine gave me and am using some of the canned material in set.  Getting number closes every time i go for one because I wait for it to seem right.  But again, the improvement with women is subtle and slow.

where I improved BIG time is with men.  I used to dread mixed groups, now I almost prefer them.  I am able to gain approval from men in groups very fast and very well to the point where they are buying me drinks.  I seem to excel at the “leader of men” roll now.  But that is because Cuisine pointed out a very critical error in my body language, incongruent facial expressions, and overall interactions with men.

I got a number close during our days together in a metro set that would be near impossible for most newbies.  There was a two set that he was winging with me and my target was being a total beeotch.  So I just talked casually to the other girl in the set OVER whatever my target was saying.  She was being very rude and I was just talking over her and not reacting at all.  Eventually when she stopped I turned back to her and sat down next to her and resumed the conversation.  She was very receptive.  Eventually I number closed her.

All in all I would recommend Cuisine to anyone.  I have a whole laundry list of issues that I didn’t even KNOW were issues.  It’s going to be a lot of work, but I think I can become very proficient at game in a much shorter time.  Hope to be a coach myself in 2 to 3 years.”

-Sam, New Hampshire