Answers, Not Questions

Alright, so I get a LOT of questions, so here are (at least a portion of) the last 15 answers. You should be able to fill the questions in.

– If you think you can’t do something (aren’t good enough), for you it’s true. It’s called a self-limiting belief and you must demolish it and work on your confidence. You are (good) enough!

– Similar question. If you think you are too short, tall, old, young, fat, etc., for you it’s true. It’s called a self-limiting belief and you must demolish it and work on your confidence.

– You’re goals shouldn’t change based on the woman. If you are looking for a girlfriend or wife, look (screen) for women with the qualities you’d want for a serious relationship. If you aren’t attracted to a woman, don’t bother dating her since it’s a waste of  your and her time. Know your goals and have standards.

– You know where you live better than I do (especially since you aren’t naming the city), so you can google actual day game options. I can’t talk about an imaginary city but look for busy coffeehouses, cafes, happy hours festivals, malls, etc. In your age range, try college campuses and the places college kids hangout.

– Yes, I’m still coaching; Washington, DC area.

– Stop trying to get your ex back and work on yourself. You can do better. Move on.

– For body language/flirting, read Superflirt and Superdate by Tracey Cox. For seduction, Art of seduction by Robert Greene.

– Sure, shopping malls can be great for day game, just choose one that has a large selection of women of the appropriate type or age. Right, bookstores generally aren’t what they used to be for approaching.

– Approach many women, many times a week.

– If you’re friends are interfering with you talking to women, go out without them when you will be approaching. You can also cultivate new wings.

– If she isn’t into you, move on.

– Really, your brother’s GF? That’s a no fly zone.

– Sure, speed dating is great if it’s a large event with many women to meet. I would bother attending to just meet 8 women, many of which you might not be attracted to.

– You need to approach women you are attracted to and often. Don’t just wait for them to approach you.

– I think you are looking for a football website.