Men who think they aren’t good looking enough…

A very common topic in seduction forums is men saying that they are not physically attractive enough to get a girlfriend. And when they share their pictures, their looks obviously aren’t the problem. What are the problems here?

  1. Confidence and self-limiting beliefs. You are good looking enough! You are ENOUGH! Enough to reach whatever your goals are. Work on confidence and improving yourself and get out there and approach and practice your social skills. Assume attraction. If you assuming you aren’t X, Y or Z enough, it’s true for you and a self-limiting belief that is holding you back. You don’t want to create a negative self-fulfilling prophecy.
  2. Body language reading skills. They say women never show interest but these men don’t know how to read interest. I recommend Superflirt and Superdate by Tracey Cox to better learn to read the body language of flirting and dating. Apparently Superflirt is even a free app for iPhone. I haven’t tried the app though.
  3. Attraction in men vs. women. Men generally can tell from a quick look at a  woman whether of not they are attracted — it is visual. A lot of what women find attractive in men is HOW THE MAN MAKES THEM FEEL. So, lead, be confident, be clear in your intent, be social, dress well, have good body language, make them laugh, etc….and you ARE more attractive. Sure, they look at you too…but it’s just part of your initial attraction. So, you do not need to be as physically attractive as the women you date. Internet dating can be different because it forces women to date like men…meaning that they have to to decide primarily based on looks (pictures).
  4. Competition. These guys worry about competition from other (presumably more attractive men) but really, you are only competing with yourself. You can drag yourself down and make sure you don’t get the girl. Or, you can work on improving yourself and your confidence.
  5. Rejection. They worry about rejection but it’s better for a woman who is inappropriate for you in any way to tell you she isn’t interested than waste your time with a “maybe.”
  6. Approaching. When you ask these men how often they approach women, it becomes clear that they don’t. You do have to talk to women to do well with them.