Absolute Extrovert

ExtrovertWe have a question from an online newbie asking for help on how to get girls if you are an “absolute extrovert” and “not smooth.”

Here is my reply:

Those who are very Extroverted often have a steeper learning curve at the beginning but more than make up for it later on since they enjoy (and get energy from) talking to people (including groups).

Learn to control energy, breathing, rate of speech, filter, and body language, and learn to read body language really well to correct when things are going off track (based on her reactions). You also want to prepare some stories about yourself (that include positive qualities women look for in a man and not negativity) so that you have a basis for what you are going to say so you don’t verbally derail yourself or say inappropriate things in set. Extroverts “speak to think” instead of “think to speak.”

If you can get a hold of season 2 of the Pickup Artist, pay special attention to Simeon, because he is an extreme extrovert and you can follow his journey. He started out AS he opened groups of women (so wasn’t getting into the groups).

You need to approach a ton of women. Try the 1000 set challenge or one of those books (like Rules of the Game) that walk you through the whole game process with challenges every day. The more women you open and game through the process, the more social intelligent (and smoother) you will become.

You may even want a more experienced guy or a coach to watch your sets and tell you what he sees, since you may not be able to “see” what you are doing wrong as far as body language and approach.

For body language, read: Superflirt, Superdate, You Say More Than You think.