Blog Post on 50 Cheap Dates from Info Self Development

I’ll list the first few below but click here for Info Self Development‘s complete article. It was written by Tatiana Michelet, who is based in London.



Relationships are a challenge to maintain, and it is widely held that faithfully holding “Date Night” each week is a key to keeping those home fires burning.

These days, however, dating can definitely be a strain on the budget. Whether you are married or dating, there is no need to resort to sneaking into the movie house through the back door, or ordering Happy Meals and putting a candle on the table in the Play Place.

Here are some ideas for cheap dates that are fun and unique ways to spend some quality time together.


1 – Picnic

Don’t underestimate the charm of an old-fashioned picnic. All you need to pack is a blanket, a few sandwiches, and some sodas. For a more romantic feel, don’t forget the champagne glasses, a chilled bottle of bubbly, and chocolate-dipped strawberries for dessert. Be sure to scope out a good location ahead of time; you will want it to be at least partially secluded, unless it’s a first date. In that case, try a local park.


2 – Field Trip

Many museums and art galleries offer free or discounted admissions at least one day a month. It will just seem like providence if you happen to show up with your girl on one of these days. Museums offer a wide variety of things to explore, but art museums tend to be quieter, without so many children. There is something about strolling through quiet hallways and secluded areas that makes a girl want to be kissed.


3 – Exploring

There are many places in town you have never even seen, from ethnic neighborhoods, or an abandoned theme park, to the rooftop of your own building. Do a little snooping on your own to find some exciting possibilities. On the day of your date, pack a lunch, remind her to dress in comfortable shoes, and head out. Don’t forget the flashlight, and possibly a map.


4 – Theme Date

Quirky dates not only show you are imaginative, they can be inexpensive. Women love it when you put some thought into your dates, and this is a great way to impress. Try dressing up in western or old-fashioned clothing, and going out to a country bar with swing dancing. If you don’t know how to swing dance, find out which night they offer lessons, and make that your first theme date. Another idea is to dress in 50s style clothing and hit the local 50s style diner, order hand made milkshakes, or Colas in those little bottles. You’ll be having so much fun, your date won’t even notice it costs you less than $20.


5 – Dinner In

Offer to cook dinner for your date. The ability to cook is always desirable in a man, and eating in is much less expensive than going to a nice restaurant. This may be a little intimidating for a first date, but is definitely a go-to for a third or fourth date.


6 – Cooking Classes

Check to see if there is a culinary school near you, and whether they offer one-night classes. These are popular dates in many communities, and provide a way to get to know each other while having fun. This lines you up to try out your new cooking skills with Dinner In.


7 – Downstream with a Paddle