Cock Block & AMOG Defense

cock_block_by_akgaimer-d3ihft9Here is a the beginning of a longer question regarding cock blocks. Below it will be my response.

According to my friends I am the most cock blocked guy he has ever seen.

There are two types of cock blockers

  1. Hater gal pal who wants her friend to be as unhappy as she is
  2. Guy who likes the girl and is an orbiter

There are two cock blocking situations

  1. Cock blocking when you are in the process of opening/picking up
  2. Cock blocking after initial contact

-Cock Blocked


Dear Cock Blocked:

Some quick thoughts:

We call women who do this cock blocks, and men AMOGs (Alpha Male Of The Group).

– If you are running SOLID game and the girl is into you, she probably won’t let anyone pull her away or block you without giving you her number. I’ve had girls refuse to be pulled away and even tell their friends to go ahead (within the venue) and that she would catch up, or stop and give me their number. Work on your attraction game (including DHVs). You want her to LOOK like she is really into you because then her friends are less likely to interfere. This includes IOIs and body positioning.

– A lot of guys try to win the group over first so that the group doesn’t mess with you, although I probably do that without really thinking about it. So, I wouldn’t call it a conscious tactic of mine.

– Have you seen AMOG Battle on you tube by Asian Playboy? . It explains how to deal with guys (AMOGs) trying to take a girl from you. I was doing all of this prior to finding the video, but it is a good reference.

– Try using wings to occupy obstacles including potential cock blocks and AMOGs. Work body language reading skills, so that you can better read the situations you are in. That can often help you manage a problem before it happens (because you see it coming). Try reading Superflirt, Superdate, and You Say More Than You Think.

– BTW, Sometimes her friends block you because the girl in question has a boyfriend and it’s obvious that it is a pickup.


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