How To Put A Woman In The Friendzone (Let’s Just Be Friends)

I was recently this question:

It is difficult to know whether there will be chemistry on an Internet date. If I meet a woman who I am only want to be friends with, how can I friend zone her?


This is a great question, and one I don’t often hear. Women and men do ask how to avoid the friendzone, and women ask how to put men in the zone, but men don’t usually ask about putting women in the zone.

Men generally know pretty quickly if they are not attracted to a woman. Whether you’ve met her on or offline, you just are not feeling it,but you’d like to hangout with her as friends in the future (without leading her on). What do you do? Friendzone her. But, you want to do it in a cool way.

Friendzoning A Woman:

*  In a social circle situation, you may HAVE to friendzone a woman and do it in a cool way so that she does not interfere with you pursuing other women in the circle. Reading books on flirting/body language (such as Superflirt and Superdate by Tracey Cox) should be helpful, so that you realize early on if a woman is into you; this way you know there is an issue and can friendzone her before she gets too into you.

*  If it is a date, you obviously still do not want lead her on–act like her buddy. Get the meeting off of a “on a date” vibe to a “friends hanging out” vibe. Tell     her “I’m glad we met up. I’m always looking for cool new friends.”

*  Tell her that you might have friends who she’d like. By offering to set her up with friends (or even to bring her out with a group of your friends to see if she has chemistry with anyone), you are taking the focus off the possibility of the two of you actually dating.

*  Stick to your guns. If you try and friendzone her, she may try to talk you out of it or even sexually escalate you, but if you aren’t interested, it is better to just move on than to “settle.”

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