Tips to Get Past Their Friends by Rachel Khona

We were recently sent Rachel Khona‘s tips below regarding how to get past her friends. It is interesting to have a woman’s view on this topic.
Rule # 1 Read the group’s body language
If a group of girls is huddled in deep conversation, do not interrupt. Wait for the conversation to flow into something less intense. You’ll notice a relaxation in their body language and you can use that moment to make your move. Or look for a group of women that actually look like they’re having fun. A good cue would be women standing outwards instead of towards each other, or a group of women laughing. They’ll be more apt to let you in the on conversation, and chances are you’ll enjoy their company a lot more.
Rule #2 Focus your flirting on her
Do not flirt with all of her friends too. Make her feel like the only girl in the world as well.  Otherwise you’ll turn dream girl off, and her friends will just think you’re a player. And when you try to ask her for her number, chances are you’ll get shot down.
Rule #3 Be Friendly
On the flip side, don’t ignore her friends altogether. Being able to talk to everyone at the table shows that you’re comfortable talking women platonically. This is doubly important if she’s only with one other friend. If it’s a group, it’s a different scenario, but if she’s only with one girl, she won’t want to ditch or ignore her. Women often follow the rule “chicks before dicks”. Make nice with her friends and you’ll come across as natural and sociable, rather than a predator.
Rule #4 Treat her like a lady
Once you’ve established a good rapport with the group, ask her if she would like a drink and make sure you pay for it. If she gets up to go to the ladies’ room, hold her chair or bar stool out for her when she comes back. Help her put her coat on if you guys go outside for a smoke. Old-fashioned chivalry can be rare and it will impress the women in spades. Soon enough, you’ll have them all singing your praises. No matter how egalitarian we become in the workplace, in society, in relationships, or anywhere else, women still want to be treated like a lady. Doing any or all of the above shows that you value her and, (after you buy that drink), that you’re anything but cheap.
Rule #5 Don’t let the group shake your confidence
Women can smell insecurity and desperation. Do not allow yourself to be intimidated just because the girl in question is super hot.  If you start acting nervous and jittery around her, her friends will start rolling their eyes and giggling, and you’ll be a goner before you’ve said five sentences. Nobody wants to see their friend with a “mangina”.
Rule #6 Don’t put on a show (of yourself)
Save the braggadocio for your bros. Her friends do not want to hear about your latest merger, your car, your house, and your latest vacation all night long unless you’re trying to pick up gold diggers. You’ll make yourself seem like an insecure, pathetic bore.  Obviously, you do want to talk a little bit about yourself, but not to the point of self-obsession. Everyone likes talking about themselves, so use that to your advantage. Since you’re trying to get her friends on your side, make a point of asking them and her about themselves. They’ll think you’re caring and sensitive. And perfect for their friend.
Rule # 7 Don’t Argue
You may have been on the debate team, but this is not the time to impress her friends with your oration skills. Being passionate is usually a good thing, but not when it makes other people feel uncomfortable, disrespected, or foolish. If a charged topic comes up in the conversation, put in your two cents but do it calmly and but respect what everyone else has to say. Everyone has the right to their opinions, so until you and dream girl have been dating for a while, keep from stirring the pot.