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Absolute Insta-date

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

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Here is a field report by our Assitant Coach, Absolute. Yes insta-dates are a great way to build get a girl comfortable with you (and complying/following you) early on. You can even bouce girls between venues on an actual date for a similar effect…something that works well for internet dates or beginning dates.



If you have the time to go on an instant date you should definitely push for it. It’s a great way to advance things faster and build a solid connection. The more time a girl invests in you (especially on a busy weekday), the more likely she is to see you again.

I had an interesting experience today taking a girl for a quick coffee after about a 5 min. conversation. My day is usually pretty busy andfilled up with activities, so in the short hour I have for sarging, I usually choose to quickly get the digits and set up dates later. Today, however, I got the opportunity to take a girl on an instant date and want to share my experience and talk about the benefits of instant dates.

I was walking out of a store when I saw a cute Hispanic girl on my left, about 15 ft. away, coming my way. I looked at her, she looked back, and immediately gave me IOIs by tossing her hair and not breaking eye contact (signs Cuisine made me extra aware of which I now detect instantly). The strong IOIs simply took the “cold” out of the cold approach, and I knew she’d be receptive to me. As the distance between us was shortening and she keptplaying with her hair, I smiled and created a situational opener about her hair.

While still talking, I stopped, then she followed, turned her body all the way towards me and I started running attraction on her, teasing and bantering. She was receptive, but as I was pumping her state up, she kept (consciously or subconsciously) knocking herself out of state, so I knew I should keep persisting until she relaxes.

Couple of minutes into the conversation I decided to setup a date right there and then for another day, so I suggested a day and time. I could see she was interested, but she was reluctant to give me an answer and pushed away; she needed more game for a date. At this point I could’vejust taken the number and get going saying we could schedule the date later onthe phone, which would have been a mistake. Despite her possible objections to giving out her number, I would’ve probably ended up with it, but that would’ve only complicated my job as I had to build the connection and set up the date over the phone. The best thing is to build connection as soon as possible, in person. She will beless likely to flake later. I felt she wanted to keep flirting, so I decided to see how far I can push this thing.

I needed a change of tactics, so I asked if she was going this way (I knew she was), and offered to walk together till I get to the store I was going to (at this point I am still not thinking about an instant date). I told her to get on my right side and with a cheeky smile on my face, I had her lonk arms with me. After we walked like that for a while, she pulled away again, giving me another standard shit test saying something like – “I don’t know you,I just met you”, to which I just told her that it’s her lucky day, but shes hould keep calm cause we are in public and I don’t want her to embarrass me.

We got in front of the coffee shop and after talking foranother 2-3 minutes, her phone rang, she took it out, looked at it and I used the opportunity to take out mine, telling her while she got her phone out we should exchange info. Here she gave me the next shit test, saying she usually doesn’t give her phone number to strangers. After going back and forth for aminute, I told her it’d be fine and we can text (works 9/10 times – – thanks Cuisine), and she finally gave me her number.

At this point, we are about to part when I decide to push even further, and since we are standing next to a coffee shop, I ask her to join me for a quick coffee. I make sure I tell her I only have 15 minutes, but she should come along to continue the conversation we are having. After another minute of overcoming objections, she finally agrees to come with me and we start walking towards to coffee shop. We ended up having agood 45 minute conversation.

So, instant dates are a lot of fun, good adventure, and if your schedule permits you should always push for them. All women will give shit tests (especially if you are doing well)… I prefer to deal with them as early as possible and get them out of the way, so I can progress things further quickly. The main advantage of  instant dates is that you deal with these obstacles early on, don’t waste time,and have her get used to you faster which speeds up the seduction. Don’t get satisfied with numbers. Get girls immediately ondates, or if you can’t, then  schedule dates right there and then. Be as direct as possible in your intent, take action, and don’t waste precious time. Pushing for instantdates will make your game tighter. You should always PUSH for more.’s Assistant Coach — Absolute

The Global Pickup Conference Will Be In DC In March!

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Edit  2/2: Price goes up from $300 to $400  tomorrow!

Edit: 1/20: Price goes up from $200 to $300 at midnight tonight (1/21)!



I was a speaker and infield daygame coach at this conference last year.  Here it is again!

The Global Pickup Conference (Kings of Pickup), Washington DC (Georgetown) During The Weekend Of March 23th – 25th, 2012


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Vince Kelvin

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Buy tickets here. It is currently only $299, but the price jumps to $399 soon–buy now.

Field Agents Need Lovin’ Too!

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

This was too bizarre not to post. But yes, be safe!



DHS to attend online dating conference in Miami Beach

By: Mark Rockwell

The Department of Homeland Security is set to participate in a discussion panel at an online dating industry conference in Miami in the coming days.

Tom Millar, chief of communications for the Department of Homeland Security’s United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) is slated to discuss deceptive dating tactics in a January 24 panel at the iDate SuperConference event, said a statement from Ticondergoa Ventures, Inc., the sponsor of the conference. The event takes place on January 23-30, 2012 in Miami Beach.

Millar’s session is designed, said Ticonderoga Ventures, to help dating operators prevent fraud within their respective sites.

The appearance isn’t as unusual as it may seem. DHS and the CERT have been aggressively promoting online safety and security in the last few months through the agency’s “Stop. Think. Connect” campaign. On Jan. 10, DHS’ Web blog posted a series of tips on how the public and DHS employees can remain secure online.  According to Ticonderoga, Millar’s Miami appearance is part of DHS outreach program called “Cyber Week” in the city.

Online dating service providers will get their money’s worth from Millar on Cyber security. He joined US-CERT in 2007 and helped develop the organization’s response to the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on Estonia in 2007, the outbreak of the Conficker worm and the DDoS attacks on major US government and commercial websites in 2009. He is currently US-CERT’s chief of communications.

The Department of Homeland Security is in the Miami area from January 23-26, 2012 for the “Stop.Think.Connect.” campaign’s Miami Cyber Week Outreach Program, said Ticonderoga. Cyber Week will directly engage the greater Miami community in promoting awareness and dialogue about the dangers Americans face online, it said. Cyber Week is part of the larger DHS cyber mission to arm citizens with the resources and tools needed to protect themselves, their families, their communities, and the nation against growing cyber threats, it said.

How To Meet Women At The Gym

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

This article is my portion of the January 2012 “He Said/She Said” Dating Column from DC Life Magazine.The “she” perspective will be in the final article and is from a DC Area Matchmaker.

Edit: DC Life is a bit behind with the January issue. I’ll post a link when the issue is out.



Clients often ask me how to meet women at the gym, since it is a place where they spend a lot of time.  Plus, generally they share common interests (fitness and living a healthy lifestyle) with other people at the gym. So, how do you meet women at the gym? The gym is a social environment, a place where people spend a lot of time and often know the staff and other people who are there working out.  Below are my tips for meeting women at the gym:

Choose your gym carefully. You want a gym that meets your needs and interests. This could mean joining a gym with pools, running tracks, saunas, basketball courts, specific classes (see below), rock climbing walls, etc. The happier you are with your overall gym experience, the more successful you will be meeting people there. And, you could have fitness preferences and conversation topics in common with a potential match–you both like to swim, run, rock climb, or practice yoga.  Tour the gym to see if it has the equipment and facilities you need, and see if the type of women you are interested in work out there.

Dress well. In a gym, I wear cool t-shirts (as far as design, logo, or message), but that isn’t the only way to go. You want to show that you have style. Don’t wear worn out or ratty sneakers or clothes.  I have seen people wearing clothes with stained armpits or holes and that is not the way to go.

Get to know the staff.  If you want personal training to jump start your workout, consider scheduling time with a trainer. Many gyms give free sessions with trainers to get you to join; some even offer discounted memberships and/or sessions with trainers through daily deal websites like Personal training sessions put you in more of a direct client-trainer relationship with the staff member, making him or her more interested in helping you in general. These trainers might even introduce you to people, or give you intel without you even asking.   Be friendly with all the employees you encounter (trainers/instructors, assistants, front desk, etc.); it will be helpful when women see you getting along well with the staff, especially (but not exclusively) female staff.

Talk to women you are interested in. You do not have to start a conversation based on working out. Do not start conversations with “excuse me” (because you are then assuming that you are interrupting them) but simply start the conversation with a situational topic or general theme. My gym conversations tend to be about music (what is playing, if I can change the music, what I’m listening to on headphones, what the other person is listening to on headphones), TV (what is on it, if I can change it, similar shows to what is on the TV, new shows), or food (because I’m into food), but you could just as easily talk about movies (probably not horror), hiking, adventure sports, or a variety of other subjects. You are leading the conversation, but if a subject consistently doesn’t work, try new ones.  Humor works as well as long as it comes off as natural and not forced or nervous. Some more specific info about talking to people at the gym:

Talk to women in different areas of the gym to see what works for you. I have had success talking to women who are on the next treadmill, as well as women on weight machines near me, with the former being longer conversations with people who often would rather talk to you than be bored on a treadmill, and the latter being shorter conversations that you drop and pick up again as you move around the gym.  You can also talk to them again another day. I’ll pretty much talk to someone anywhere (except areas that are for women only), with the understanding that some of the conversations will be longer than others.

Pay attention to how responsive she is. If she is really into her workout, she may not be responsive to conversation, but may actually be more open talk at other times, such as the beginning or end of her workout, during a break between different types of exercises, or on another day.

Attend classes. Gyms have a variety of coed classes, which can be a good way to meet people. Check out a variety of classes (yoga, jujitsu, strength/flexibility, body pump, etc.) and see what works for you, both for your workout and meeting people. I know a lot of women go to Zumba and Pilates classes, but I’ve never attended those particular classes. Show up to the classes early so that you can chit-chat with others while waiting for the class to begin.

Have a plan. Think about possible dates or activities that you can do with her if she is responsive. Knowing where good nearby cafes, bars, and restaurants are can be useful. You can also take her to events or plan activities such as hiking.

Get to know other gym-goers. Be friendly and talk to people even if you aren’t interested in a date with them. You don’t want to talk people to death (especially if they are not responsive), but be friendly. Keeping a relatively stable workout schedule will help you see and talk to the same people, but you can also run out of new people to meet that way (unless it is a large gym).  I go to the gym very often and without a set schedule, which allows me to meet a larger variety of people.

I hope this column improves your success and comfort level meeting potential dates at the gym. The more you practice being social (regardless of environment), the easier meeting people becomes.