Phone/Text Game Tips

You should whenever possible set up the actual date during your initial conversation. THEN you can trade information so you can text the day of…if necessary. You will get less flakes this way.

Texting “call back humor” works, even the same evening. So, if you teased her that she was “trouble” or a “rockstar” then use that in the text. In general, don’t tease girls about a way you do not want them to act…so “brat” may not be the best choice.

I call a girl 2-3 days later, although I’ve found that Sundays at 2 or 3 pm work really well…and girls tend to pick the phone up.

If you have to leave a voice mail, it should be about something you talked about.  She said she just got back from Barcelona so you leave the message “I looked up Barcelona on the web and saw this crazy thing and wanted to know if you saw it when you were there.”

It’s ok to leave a second voicemail the following week but you could also try texting her a few after you left the voicemail.

Some girls either don’t respond to phone calls (or voicemails) or don’t respond to texts.

If you go for a # and she is giving you an email instead, she isn’t interested. Exceptions would be speeddating (where you can get #s but some women think of speeddating as electronic) and a girl who has a BF or a husband and wants to hookup but may share a bill or be with him when you call. If I go for a # and she tried to switch to email or not give it to me, I tell them that we will text later, and get it anyway. Or, I start doing a false takeaway/roll out…and see if they stop me. Sometimes you just need to overcome the objection.

On any given holiday, text all your flakes from the last month or so with “happy X” with X being the holiday. Sometimes it hooks. Heck, you could probably do the same with “happy Friday” but I haven’t tried it.

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