Dress Style: Congruence


Over the years (that I’ve been in game) I have improved my dress style and developed my own personal style. I am complimented often on my hat (because a good hat screams that you have style) and pendants.  What I’ve found interesting is that people look at your outer game for in-congruence and tell you if they find it.   Examples:

In Philly, a Rockabilly musician with a good dress style complimented my hat and pendant (and overall style) but mentioned that I need to get out of the sneakers. Made sense since I was only wearing the sneakers because I was traveling and only had that one pair of shoes on me (I stopped at the gym on the way). Not bringing a pair of nicer shoes as well was laziness on my part.

I dressed down one day and walked through at farmers market (that I visit weekly) in a polo shirt and old shorts and two people mentioned that I was dressed down.  I did have the pendant.


Women ask where my I bought the pendants to see if they are off the shelf or purchased from an artist or crafter. With the way I dress, they figure the pendant isn’t from Macy’s.


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