Article About PUA Conference I Spoke/Coached At

From here.

“On an Orange Line train bound for Vienna last year, Matt struck out twice in a row. The second woman, especially, had terrible body language, and he knew it. When she plays with her hair, it’s a good thing. When she rubs the back of her neck, it’s a very bad thing. He was getting the neck.

As Matt got off at his stop and walked toward the exit, a man in thick glasses stopped him. “Do you want to know what happened there?”

So began Cuisine’s tutelage of Matt. (Matt and Cuisine, like several other conference attendees, would not offer their full names for fear the image of the pickup community would have repercussions in their professional lives.) They later went to the DMV together, and Matt marveled at Cuisine’s ability to pick up two women there; the four of them had lunch. Matt says Cuisine has improved his social skills in all interactions, not just with women he wants to seduce.”