Millionaire Matchmaker

I’ve watching Patti Stanger’s show, Millionaire Matchmaker. What do I think? I like the show.

I feel her on the clients who think they are buying a product and that they are the boss. They actually buying a service from a specialist, and they need to listen to the specialist in order to get them out of their nonworking dating pattern. Patti usually throws a “test” in…which is a girl or guy that matches what the client usually goes for…and is therefore the wrong match. I felt like she gave one of the female clients too many “tests” and not enough appropriate choices.

Some of her female clients are particularly difficult because they “masculine energy” that makes them successful business people works against them in love (since they don’t want feminine men as matches). Also, many of them are just not ready to truly put love as a priority in their lives. As such, her service, seems to often not work very well for the female clients, but I won’t blame Patty for it. She probably knows most of those women will fail…even after spending 50k each…but it isn’t Patti’s fault if they are not ready or will not listen.

Patty is very good at reading people and body language, and has some good experts that she can call upon for a variety of specialties (fashion, counseling, astrology, etc.).  She also gets some very attractive women for her clients.

Some memorable moments:

  • A female client brought her gay bodyguard on the date.
  • A client brought his hot female assistant (who Patti thinks he is sleeping with) on the date.
  • A client brought his male friends on a date and they (himself included) proceeded to get drunk, while his date didn’t drink. they also pressured her to kiss him in front of everyone.  Patty warned him not to bring friends and has a rule that people should not drink more than 2 drinks.
  • A female client brought her date on a “Toxic Tour of LA.” Patti tried to talk her out of it.
  • A (gay) client told his date what he could and could not order from the menu (no read meat).
  • A client told his date that he (the client) doesn’t like people.


Some of her male clients are socially awkward and need help actually getting better with women..and that is something that takes time. They need help hunting/fishing and dating before they are ready for a true match. That is where someone like me comes in…as I show men how men get their personalities across in an attractive way and teach them both how to improve their body language and how to read women’s body language and attraction signals.  She does often give them good advice about how to act on their dates…but she can’t cover everything, and some of these people really do need to be taught “how to fish.”

She isn’t always clear. She told a client to “stop being creepy” without explaining how. She tells people (men) at her casting calls to come to the mixer looking hot without explaining how…although she is much clearer with the women (fix your teeth, wear a wig, cover your boobs up, show your legs).

She should not yell at her staff (and they should not yell at each other) in front of other people.

She is much harsher on people at her casting calls than necessary. Sometimes she is downright mean.

New Episodes are on Bravo 9pm Tuesdays, EST. (Update: the current season is now over.)

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