Bad Dating Business Concept

What is a Greenlight Card?

A modern incarnation of the Victorian calling card. An alternative way of introducing yourself to someone you’d like to meet. A fusion of Victorian nicety and contemporary necessity.

The member chooses, based on that age-old feeling of “chemistry” at a given moment, to whom they present their card…thereby giving that recipient the “Greenlight” to get in touch. If the recipient is interested, they visit the website, enter the Member Number printed on the card, tell us where to send the contact info and, within minutes, the texting, emailing or phone correspondence can begin. It’s that simple!

My problem with this is that men need to build up their skill actually approaching and initiating conversations, leading to getting a number and setting a date up. Approaching and then handing her a card and leaving, so that she has to now take the initiative…won’t work very well.  The women won’t follow through and will wonder why you didn’t just talk to them. Plus, guys with really bad approach anxiety probably hand approach and hand out a card anyway.

For women, if they actually hand the card to someone, it might work, because the guy may then take the lead. But, often, the women who are aggressive enough to initiate in a society where attractive women get approached quite often, do so because they aren’t getting approached. Those women may not get the best response through Greenlight Card either.

I can see it working for gays…as a screening tool.  I can also see a guy running a marathon and handing the cards out there.  I can also see giving them to hired guns (employees) if their coworkers bosses, or customers are around…but you can also make up fun business cards that would work better. In my case, I use a food-themed card which links to my food website, so it highlights my identity.

In general, response rate will be lower than getting a phone # from a woman, so one deck of these cards won’t get a guy very far.

This concept was created by people who do not understand male/female dating dynamics. They are using test feedback to let them know how it is working, which in the case is very limited and biased.  They need statistics on how often people actually got dates through this (as a % of cards handed out), and testimonials.

Also, they are anti-internet dating, and they are marketing this for people who don’t like internet dating, which is a mistake; it is highlighting negativity and possibly recruiting negative people. Market it to people who want to try something new and fun.


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