Android Apps Useful For PUAs, Installment 2

Here are some more useful android apps:

  • 3 Banana Notes ( is a note taking program that is compatible with your Google account, and let’s you share notes via email, Facebook, Twitter, and QRCode. You can attach photos to notes, use the passcode lock, and use the quick note widget.  Easy to use and very useful after a sarge when you want to enter notes about HBs before you forget details.
  • Google Maps is a given as far as usefulness, and probably comes installed with your phone.  It can help you find your date location regardless of if you are wlaking, biking, driving, or using public transportation.
  • Fresh Face (MaPPN, INc.) is useful for customizing your homescreen and is free.  There are better programs if you want to pay.  I am using the beach theme, which HBs seem to like–it’s peacocking for your phone.  It isn’t designed for the Droid X but works fine, although installing it wiped my widgets out–I reinstalled one ones I still wanted and left one screen blank.
  • Actually, it is a memory hog and wound up having problems on Droid-X. Uninstalled. I kept the beach wallpaper though.

  • Flashlight–there are various ones you can use…useful for dark clubs…and some have colored or strobing lights which can be used as peacocking.
  • Urban Spoon (and Yelp and Loopt) are useful for finding restaurants and such to plan dates. Yelp has tons of review of all kinds of businesses.

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