Droid Apps Useful For PUAs, Installment 1

I recently bought a Droid X, and have been trying out various apps.  Here are 5 apps that are useful to PUAs.  I’ll followup with more in separate articles.

  • AutoContact (ZeroTouchSystems) is nice because on incoming calls it automatically asks you if you want to save the number as a contact.  I paid a dollar and change (converted from British Pounds) to have this feature for outgoing calls as well.  Now I don’t forget to add contacts from new phone calls. This is the only app I’ve paid for so far.
  • QuickContact (Gizmog Software) is an easier way to enter contacts, since the default way of adding contacts (without having dialed them first) is clunky.  You can just go through a bunch of your handwritten or business card #s and enter them all as contacts without dialing them first. Then you can text them all, and I’m sure there are some good apps for group texting…I may look into that for a followup article. 🙂
  • Online Game: OKCupid has a Droid  app, while Eharmony and Jdate do not. OKC should have  away to rate people on the app like you can on the site…I do feel like it is missing some functionality in general, but it works.
  • Meebo IM combines various IM programs, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, MySpace, etc.  It works fine but was much better when it included Facebook chat.  You can set it up to log your conversations. I hear Trillian is coming out with an app soon–it might be better.
  • Pickup Artist Seduce Women (Buzly Labs) is a collection of articles (within the topics of Inner Game, Outer Game, Routines, and Other) by gurus such as Style, Deangelo, Carlos Xuma, Mystery, and Sinn.
  • Cocky and Funny PUA (Buzly Labs) is another collection of articles and material.

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