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Adonis AND DJ Fuji will be speaking for the DC Lair Friday September 10

Friday, August 27th, 2010


Register for the Adonis and DJ Fuji talk through:

Also, DJ Fuji has been added as a speaker as well.


A couple of announcements.

1. We have had a private lair (Knack’s) for a couple of years, and many members were from the old DC Lair (including several of the coaches,  one of the original founders, the person who last ran the lair, and other members).  The DC Lair is now semi-private….meaning it is opening up to new members…a bit.  🙂

BTW, I now own the domain (I need to set it up).

Email me at for more info on DC Lair.

2. Adonis (AKA Nick Quick), an expert on Same Day Lays (and author of a book on the subject) will be speaking for our lair (and groups we open it up to) for free on Friday evening September 16th.  Location TBA but it will be in DC or Arlington.

3. DJ Fuji has been added to this talk. Bios are on the evenbrite link above.


AMOG Tactic

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Last night I was talking to 2 HBs – HB8.25 and 9.25) and a guy entered the group between me and the 9.5 (my target)…the second he said anything to the obstacle ( so they had eye contact) I stepped back, took him by the shoulders and moved him to the to the girl he was talking to (8.5)…and I continued talking to the target. This was basically as the amog entered the set since he said hi to them both. It wasn’t rude on my part because it looked like i was letting him talk to the girl he had eye contact with…but it signaled to my target clearly that she was my target and that I am assertive and smooth. I have also done it without physically handling the amog…by repositioning myself to talk to the target while he talks to obstacle.

Learned something about different Gym venues, and abdominal thrusts

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

While sarging at a the gym at a “Y” (YMCA) you HAVE to screen for age, even if she looks 22. There are a lot of teens working out there.

My new physical trainer had me doing various exercises and some were easier than other. At one point she had me lie on my back and hold me but up. “higher. hold it.” 15 seconds. 30….etc. And she keeps waiting and I keep holding and waiting and holding…and she starts looking at me incredulously.

HB7 trainer:
“That one is easy for you, eh?”
Me: “Its like having sex. abdominal thrust…it is from dating women who are much taller than me.” Gaming tall galls has apparently increased my lower body strength. heh. LOL.