Friend Support

I recently had a client tell me that his female friends won’t help him with girls. They tell him they won’t help him FC. It’s all framing…your friends should like you and want you to succeed (at business, in your relationships, etc). Frame it as you looking for a girlfriend…and then if you talk to girls, they should be ok with it. And, they should never interfere with you talking to girls. That is why we don’t use ex g/fs or girls with crushes on us as pivots (girls who help us with other girls). If they are getting in your way, that relationship needs to be re-evaluated or the person needs to be talked to about it. Same thing if male friends are AMOG’ing you.

Also, you can help your pivots with guys – in the field or with friends.

I generally frame PU as a journey of self improvement, and noways…I frame myself as a coach (someone out to help people with this journey).

Some naturals will AMOG even if they are your friends. I have one who does it but he can’t stop me from pulling. If a friend is holding you back, don’t take him to places where you want to talk to girls. You want cool wingmen you vibe with, and you will then help each other with women.

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