Vince Kelvin

Vince spoke in DC a couple of nights ago (w/his wife present) and I was surprised at how personable he is.  He DHVs everyone, and is funny, and friendly.

He spoke about taking anything she says that may not be what you want (I have a b/f,  I don’t give my # out) as being perfect – exactly what you needed to get her.  Nice way at looking at possible DLVs or rejection.

Here is one of his lines (and the handout it came from):

Her: I don’t give my #.

You: That leaves us one option then – psychic communication. (Grab and hold her hands, look at her and smile.) No, not that kind of though you pervert. (Spank her playfully).

Here is the handout (small card) he gave us at his free talk:


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