Social Proof Revisited

I have talked about social proof before – here, and here (hired guns).  Let’s talk about social proof some more.  In talking to hired guns, my wings, and random people, I have noticed that social proof (and showing a good sense of humor) often causes HBs to open me.  I was joking (in my limited Spanish) with the girl making my sandwich at a large Italian deli, and the HB8.5 (tall blond) waiting on line next to me laughed at my what I was saying.  This HB understood some Spanish. I took her laughing with us as an approach invitation (AI) and she responded with IOIs when I actually opened her.  I’ve also had women open me in this situation; I say something funny to someone else and they use it as an excuse to open me or AI me.  Vibe with everyone around you…it’s fun and it is social proof.

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