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Social Proof Revisited

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

I have talked about social proof before – here, and here (hired guns).  Let’s talk about social proof some more.  In talking to hired guns, my wings, and random people, I have noticed that social proof (and showing a good sense of humor) often causes HBs to open me.  I was joking (in my limited Spanish) with the girl making my sandwich at a large Italian deli, and the HB8.5 (tall blond) waiting on line next to me laughed at my what I was saying.  This HB understood some Spanish. I took her laughing with us as an approach invitation (AI) and she responded with IOIs when I actually opened her.  I’ve also had women open me in this situation; I say something funny to someone else and they use it as an excuse to open me or AI me.  Vibe with everyone around you…it’s fun and it is social proof.

7 Daygame tips from Love Systems

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Ok, I’ll admit that these are better than I’d have thought.  I’m commenting above and their tips are below.

That said, #1…eh.  True that you probably aren’t going for same day pulls.  Time frame wise, their is no set time frame. Sometimes day game # closes are 2 minutes. Sometimes you bounce them and are on a 2 hour instadate.  I’ve had several 7 hour daygame instadates.  It’s definitely easier to just # close and not instadate/bounce her or go for kiss closes, but feel it out…because all kinds of things are possible if you are flexible and you pay attention to their responses.  Also, sometimes you can get the # and then get them out again that night (Adept does that).

2. Not sure they are teaching this right. Yes, you can kino in daygame, and social touches sounds great, but I’m not sure that most guys know what that means. I like to show clients HOW you escalate kino in daygame, because you can escalate.  It’s also environment based….tone it down a LOT on metros (trains) and platforms.

3. They push direct too much.  I generally open with funny indirect and banter, so I open on an attraction trigger.  Direct is fine, but not as an “every approach” kind of thing, unless your outer game is really good.  a combination of types of openers is good too.

4.  Agreed, but you can come up with kino routines for daygame.  Try the Ring Routine (It’s on the internet, I’m sure.) And, practice social kino and some kino escalating.

5 . Hmmmmm.

6.  Smiling is important in day and night game.

7. True.



Love systems 7 tips:

Seven Day Game Tips You Can Use Right Now

    1. Usually people have stuff to do during the day – unlike at a bar, where she can spend hours with you. Good Day Game approaches usually lead to phone numbers + dates as opposed to going straight to the bedroom.

    2. Forget almost everything you know about touching (“kino”) and the Phyysical Progression Model. Being “touchy” and escalating is GREAT at a bar or club. During the day, in public, in bright light, it can seem creepy. Stop at “social touch” and save the rest for your date.

    3. Try “going direct.” She knows you’re hitting on her anyway – people don’t approach random strangers during the day unless they want something – so why not get the credit for having confidence?

    4. High-energy routines are often out of place during the day. They’re also unnecessary. At a cafe, you’re not competing with a million flashing lights, club music, and millions of other guys. So, tone everything down a few notches.

    5. Most of the time, you’re not going to have a wingman or alcohol in Day Game to help “push” you to approach. If you have “Approach Anxiety,” reward yourself for every time you approach without hesitating. This is how you build habits and “muscle memory.”

    6. Smile – it’s even more important in the daytime. At a club, the guy who doesn’t smile and approaches her is nervous. On a street corner, the guy who doesn’t smile and approaches makes HER nervous.

    7. Having good phone and text game is CRUCIAL if you want to be good at Day Game. Since even the best Day Game approaches often result in a phone number + date (since people have real time constraints during the day), you need to be good at converting phone numbers into dates.