Recommended Books – Part 1

Here are some books I recommend for game, although they are not PUA-written books.

Body Language: Superflirt and Superdate by Tracy Cox, and Definitive Book of Body Language by Pease.  There is an occasional thing wrong with the later, and it is not dating specific.  The Cox books include some body language and flirting techniques.  Also, I was involved in testing “You Say More Than You Think” by Janine Driver and have a copy but haven’t read it yet; it should be good.

Cold reads: Kokology 1 and Kokology 2 by Nagao.  It has little psychological games that work as cold reads. Some are good and some are bad, but ithe books are still worthwhile.

On learning style-based (visual, kinesthetic, auditory) rapport:  Instant Rapport by Michael Brooks.

Art of Seduction is a MUST, at least for the seduction and victem types.

Direct Game: Mode 1 by Roger Allen Currie.

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