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Recommended Books – Part 1

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Here are some books I recommend for game, although they are not PUA-written books.

Body Language: Superflirt and Superdate by Tracy Cox, and Definitive Book of Body Language by Pease.  There is an occasional thing wrong with the later, and it is not dating specific.  The Cox books include some body language and flirting techniques.  Also, I was involved in testing “You Say More Than You Think” by Janine Driver and have a copy but haven’t read it yet; it should be good.

Cold reads: Kokology 1 and Kokology 2 by Nagao.  It has little psychological games that work as cold reads. Some are good and some are bad, but ithe books are still worthwhile.

On learning style-based (visual, kinesthetic, auditory) rapport:  Instant Rapport by Michael Brooks.

Art of Seduction is a MUST, at least for the seduction and victem types.

Direct Game: Mode 1 by Roger Allen Currie.

Approaching Couples

Monday, March 15th, 2010

A lot of newer guys seem to be anxious about approaching mixed sets, but one kind of set that seems to be taboo to them is the mixed 2-set (couple).  A lot of people assume they are dating and just don’t approach.  I have found that things aren’t always what they appear, so have approached these types of sets to find that they are actually friends, or siblings.  I’ve even had women introduce the guy as their “wingman” which is a pretty clear signal.

A while back I was being friendly and opened a young Indian couple that really didn’t seem to be on a date (their state seemed fine but they were just standing there in the venue – drinking and not talking).  When asked how they knew each other, she said “friends” which she meant as through friends and I took as “we are friends.”  When he went for a drink I asked for her # and while she was giving it to me…she said she was “sort of on a first date.”  🙂

So, you can open a couple and be friendly, and ask how they know each other.  They may just be friends (or on a bad date). 🙂