Not enough HBs?

This is a pet peeve of mine. A lot of guys like to say that there aren’t enough HBs (cute girls) in the area, or at an event.  Scarcity mindset.

How many is enough?  How many are you going to take home in an evening anyway?  heh.  Have you opened every one of the HBs you could get to?  If you aren’t approaching the HBs, it doesn’t matter how many are present.  If there are only 4 and you close one..there were plenty for you. 🙂

The comment in question was that the PUA and his friends only saw 20 HBs  in a room of hundreds.  I’m sure there were more than 20 but still – 20 HBs.  Awesome!  When I pressed him on how many of the ten he opened, he said “he could have opened 10 more.”  LOL.

Here are some tips:

Hired guns (employees, whether in a store or a bar) are often hot, and they count as targets.  They also offer good preselection (women like you) and social proof.

You can work the whole room for preselection and social proof.  Vibe with the men (including employees) as well.

Show to events at the beginning so you can get the first crack at HBs when they arrive.  And, you are social proofed when they arrive.

Also, position yourself so that it looks liek people are surrounding and gaming you (lock in).  Leaning with your back to a wall or bar works.

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