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While coaching and on local discussion boards, I hear these questions often:

“How do I Transition?”

“How do I Transition to…?”

“How do I Transition from…?”

These questions are asked by people who in normal everyday conversation have to problem changing the subject – i.e. transitioning.  You can just change the subject like you would in any conversation.  If there is a common thread, it is easier, but if there isn’t, but if you want to, you can use a transitional phrase like.

“Hey, have you ever…”

“Get this…”

“That reminds me of…”

“My new thing is…”  (That’s actually one of my transitions.)

“My friends and I have been talking about…”

You can also seed your stories earlier (mention something, change the subject, and come back to the original subject)…so you can easily transition back.  Yo can even tell them to remind you to tell them about something later, or they will remind you.

“Remind me to tell you later the story about the the time I…”

I’m talking about transitioning to your other material.  That means you should know your material.  Write it down.  Create a “stack” of your material if necessary…listing examples of the components you will use (Opener, banter, DHV, SOI, etc…) and know how you are transitioning between them.  If you are seeding what your day2 will be (hiking, mojitos, walking your dogs together, cupcakes, a party, etc.) , then it is easier to go get the girl to agree to it and give you her # later when you bring it up.

You can use a “stack”  to list the routines or material that leads you through the steps of your favorite guru’s method if you have one.

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