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Afterbite’s Direct Daygame Guide

Direct daygame is all about not wasting too much time when chasing girls during daytime. You will get a LOT more rejections than if you would the usual indirect daygame stuff you would learn from the oldskool methods of Mystery and Style or somewhere else on the internet. When I sometimes hear what girls hear from guys trying to pick them up during daytime I get sick with, cuz most guys are really pathetic when it comes to picking up women, especially during daytime.

Direct daygame is all about you having the self-confidence and balls that you approached directly without being a creepy needy AFC. There is a difference with being direct and being honestly direct. If you are direct in showing your desires (wanting to wank her) you are acting like an AFC. If you are being the self-confident guy who knows how to please girls and respect women you state your intentions (wanting to get to know her better as a human being /person).

I don’t think he makes this distinction clearly.

My daygame guide:

From my own experience I believe that Direct Daygame consists of: 40% inner game + 20% body language + 30% social intelligence + 10% verbal


Self confidence is most important thing during daygame: you have to not only look confident, but be confident as well!

Self-affirmations: I am the SHIT!” So it’s not: “I am shit” but it’s “I am THE shit!” Every time you think approaching a girl, let this go through your head. What I do is constantly repeat in my head ”I AM THE SHIT! – I AM THE SHIT! – I AM THE SHIT!” Also write this down hang it up somewhere in your room so you will be reminded with this on a daily basis.

Smile romantically (no dirty thoughts): Create a feeling inside of total love and butterflies in your stomach. Be in love; not with the girl you approach but with everybody in general. Love everyone. It is important to be in-state and having the right mindset. Girls can sense when you are looking at them while having dirty thoughts. This makes sure you can never look at them the wrong way.

Link your personality, kind of words you use/ language, outfit, and verbal conversational topics to one complete personality: your fashion& grooming must match your words. You have to be totally congruent with the personality you like to portray yourself.

Be romantic: Think of all Hollywood films! Never clubgame but always daygame romances. So social conditioning says that this a beautiful love story which they can their family and friends about. So what do I do with this info? I take advantage of social conditioning! Just think a bit of Don Juan and Casanova.

Become a High Status Alpha Male: Just imagine being Don Juan and think of how you would look the world…Imagine being him! Close your eyes and see yourself as the High-status Sensitive Romantic Alpha Male you always have dreamed to be end be him always, not only when you chase girls: BE HIM! You can also use other role models as JFK, Flavio Briatore, Gianni Agnelli, or whoever you see as the ultimate alpha male.


Directly zoom in with your eyes before you approached and do not break eye contact

100% eye contact

Direct approach and opening

Power of honesty: be honest and sincere sounding as if you never do this and this is just a strange magical event happening to the two of you.

Pause and be Spontaneous: remember to pause from time to time so it looks like non-canned material and really spontaneously. Most of my material was originally made up spontaneous and on the spot but after having used the same lines over and over I try to still be spontaneous and make them feel I made these words for them only.


Speak in terms of metaphors as you describe something about your own life and guess in terms of metaphors how her life looks like: be a bit general so you are always right. I advice you guys to read horoscopes (I personally think it’s crap since I don’t believe in it but girls love it); this really works like a charm! It’s an original short cold read that she hasn’t heard before. How many times have girls heard ‘The Cube’ compared to what you have told her?

DO NOT NEG!!!: Please do not NEG too much, especially with girls who have probably not experienced too much of this. I have lost lots of HB8-9s just because I became too cocky (& not funny for them) and by negging (in text, MSN or conversation). You can use it in NIGHTGAME, but for the love of God please don’t do it during daygame, especially when you want to portray yourself as the romantic Don Juan. So in short if you go negging while wanting to be Don Juan you will screw up cuz you’re incongruent!

He still doesn’t understand negging – negging works in day and night game, and should be playful.  One type of negging is the “tease neg,” which he is talking about below.  He lists it with “push pull, but doesn’t describe “push pull.”  They are different things.

Tease and Push-Pull: Do not neg, but tease her a bit when it’s situational relevant and really funny (not only for you but also for her). Do not forget to tone it down to day to day interactions and not on the nightgame level of teasing.

It’s all about how you say it: Words are not important or what you say…It is most important HOW you say it!

Always be POSITIVE: Don’t gossip and talk negatively about other people/ experiences! If the girl tends to do this in conversation. Try to reframe it in a positive way. Many leaders are awesome in doing this. I personally constantly have to think of the former CEO of Carnegie Steel Company and later founded his own steel company in the 1900s Charles M Schwab ( By being positive though not knowing a lot about producing steel, he was always positive and good in motivating people. Just try to see the good in everything and REFRAME everything positively. For example it can always be worse!  Btw, he’s not the Charles R Schwab (financial services)

Be a Girl: Don’t take this too seriously.  Be original with what you say and think of “If I were to be a girl, how would I respond to this?” It’s always a good idea to test your talk with yourself: would this attract you if you heard this as a girl.

People will not understand the above section because they are not girls and generally can’t interpret things as a girl would.

Don’t talk about sex or sex related topics! How would you respond if somebody came walking up to you and talk dirty? I have given a lot of advice regarding daygame to newbies but some guys are sometimes really hilarious: they ask girls “Would you like to <bleep> me?”,  “I think you wanna <bleep > me for 50 Euros”, “If I would make a dildo of my dick, would you like to go for a ride on it”. Do you know what is really stupid; they don’t listen to my advice and constantly come back with their same lousy questions why their daygame sucks deep and why  they get hit in the face….C’mon, do you want results or rejections???

Again, you can be sexual and use sexual tension without offering 50 euros for sex.  You can even accuse women of being really fast (sexual) escalators or treating you like a piece of meat (“I’m not just a p=slab of hot young beefcake” or  “hey my eyes are up here” a la PU101).  I tell short sexual stories.  Depends on the woman and situation.

Being direct is not about stating your desires (wanting to wank her): Direct daygame is all about being the self-confident guy who knows how to please girls and respect women you state your intentions (wanting to get to know her better as a human being /person).

Afterbite, have you read Mode 1 by Currie?

Fuck all routines you’ve learned from Mystery Method, Style or whoever that might work during nightgame but are socially awkward to ask during daygame. Okay, from time to time you can use some routines, but only when they are SITUATIONAL RELEVANT!

Depends on the routine, but some routines may be a problem.  I’ve used Ring Routine in daygame.

Use your social intelligence and intellectual knowledge every time after she has told something about herself and don’t forget it’s best to use metaphors and when giving her an answer.  Reward her because you ACTUALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to know that about her in order to get to know her better because …. BE different than all the AFC’s only by asking and thinking they made a connection by asking lots of boring questions.

Afterbite, give examples.

Remember everything & don’t forget her name: Don’t be the AFC that can only ask and ask and forget everything she has told you because you didn’t care. Make sure to pay attention to everything she tells you! How I remember a lot of the stuff girls tell me. I always try to imagine in my mind how their lives look like in a romantic way: dream of her reality (but not in an AFC way). Dream and describe in metaphors when she asks about it. The stuff she tells about herself can be used as a HOOK to maybe use it further down the conversation when the conversation dies a bit.

If you can do it, great. Use your cell to take notes after the set. put notes in her name with her cell #.  If that’s not enough…tell them you suck at names – they will say they do as well; give them a memory device for yours and ask for one for theirs.

Use your own experiences of life as possible talk topics: If you have no clue what to talk about don’t just blur out some irrelevant DHV story. If you want to tell her a DHV story, don’t use some canned DHV story you got from the internet but make an own DHV story about yourself of something you have really experienced yourself. It should not be to impress her, that’s overdoing it! You should make it a light DHV story you should describe it as the most beautiful things on the face of this planet. And also lead the conversation that makes the story SITUATIONAL RELEVANT!

When to go direct or indirect?

My direct daygame doesn’t mean I always go in direct, because sometimes I go in indirect and slowly make the conversation more direct.

STREET: Direct

MUSEUM: Indirect/ Direct

SHOPPING: Indirect/Direct


Not sure what you mean by train station. Metro game here in DC is tough enough without going direct. If it’s a train platform, escalators,  or the train itself (as below), go indirect.

IN A TRAIN/BUS: Indirect

UNIVERSITY CAMPUS: Indirect (unless it’s at another university where I don’t study)

So you don’t get a reputation?

PARK: Direct

CLUB (nightgame): Direct

BUT it also depends on the type of girl you are approaching! Because people are unique, you cannot approach every girl with the same approach. For this I have made a rule of thumb to remember me on the basis of the type of girl when to go direct or indirect:

The higher educated and/or older she is, the more DIRECT you can be.  And the lower educated and/or the younger she is, the more INDIRECT (& FUNNY) you should be.

Direct approach:

1. Direct approach with lots of eye-contact, zoom in, make her stop and start opener

2. Comfort building: start situational relevant conversation

3. Qualification: make her qualify herself a bit to you

4. False Time Constraint: tell her you have to go back to your friends who are waiting somewhere and that we should continue conversation sometime and ask her how we can best keep in touch.

5. Possible shittest: Make clear using a metaphor that you add value to her life. Do NOT state this directly that it’s love at first sight or that she SHOULD meet you again.

Give examples.

6. Close: #-close and a few kisses on the cheeks. If connection was really good, go for the kiss-close

But now you’re thinking; how can I implement this to my own life and my daygame? First thing I recommend you is to read it again. Then sit down and think: “How can I do this?” Just go in-field and practice while having this in the back of your head!

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