Number Closing and Business Cards

Normally, when you get a phone #, you take theirs in your phone or take theirs and dial them, so they have yours as well.  Some people may even do a card rip, where they write their number on a ripped business card (the other half has yours).  Exchanging #s is fine.

What if a girl asks for your card?  I would # close her and then give it to her, or exchange cards but write her cell # on hers since I won’t usually call girls at work.

What about when you want to get a girl’s # but she is at work and people (her boss? customers) are around…so you can’t really ask for it? Have the hired gun write the # on a napkin or receipt.

You go for a number and she says “no, give me yours.”  Then say “no, its ok…” and start doing a takeaway. she may stop you and give the #.  I wouldn’t even take an email or facebook instead of a number.  Exception: If you go for a number during speeddating and she offers you an email instead, take it since they go into SD thinking its more electronic.

So, two times in the last 2 weeks…I was gaming a hired gun where her boss or customers were with her…and i had no option but give my card.  Both times they contacted me. The norm? No, but when it’s the only option since you can’t ASK for her #, do it.  Also, I knew I was doing really well both times.  The last time…she mentioned one of my DHV stories in her email.

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