Afterbite’s Direct Daygame Guide (short version)

This was on Venusian Arts’ Forum and have been in touch w/Afterbite, a Dutch PUA. I’ll comment in italics and bold throughout.


Afterbite’s Direct Daygame Guide (short version)

Currently I am working on my own Direct Daygame Guide [full-version] and currently it is around 14 pages long, and soon I will probably add another 5-10 pages (as I have made loads of paper notes which I am going to work out). Since this is a public forum the below Direct Daygame Guide is just a very short version so it doesn’t reveal all my game.

What are my daygame experiences?
I have been doing daygame before I even knew that there was any theory existing about pickup ( which was just half a year ago for me). Theory about it have excessively improved my skills and results, cuz now I could learn from the experiences and knowledge of the pro’s who had books, audio programs, etc. But most of what I learned from daygame is still the result of a lot of trial-and-error (the hard way). Accept from this I am currently shifting my focus a bit more to nightgame as it is easier to get more physical during nightgame. And I also need to study from time to time as I am still a student.

*Easier, yes, but you still HAVE to kino during daygame.

My daygame guide:
From my own experience I believe that Direct Daygame consists of: 40% inner game + 20% body language + 30% social intelligence + 10% verbal

*That seems wrong.  Outer game in general is important in Direct Daygame, not just body language.  Looks and clothing make more of a difference in direct daygame than regular daygame.

Direct daygame is all about not wasting too much time when chasing girls during daytime. You will get a LOT more rejections than if you would the usual indirect daygame stuff you would learn from the oldskool methods of Mystery and Style or somewhere else on the internet. When I sometimes hear what girls hear from guys trying to pick them up during daytime I get sick with, cuz most guys are really pathetic when it comes to picking up women, especially during daytime.

*Direct Daygame will also blow out girls who you could have gotten if you had NOT went in direct, but you do better with the girls you would have gotten anyway. So, when it hooks, it often REALLY hooks.  Basically…women have small “yes, he is hot” large “maybe” and large “no” categories. Men have large “yes” and “no” but small “maybe.”  So, when you direct approach a are forcing her to decide base don your outer game and initial approach whether you are a “yes.”  So, the girls who have you “maybe’d” blow out.  It’s powerful stuff because when it hooks, it can be intense, but as a guy who gets girls by game and not looks (I’m short, heavy, older, balding)…I tend to go direct less often. When I really DO HAVE to approach a girl..I’ll go direct and it always hooks, but I do it once or twice a year. It helps if you REALLY MEAN IT.

*Also…I generally open on an attraction trigger (humor) and open situational indirect (playful indirect base don the situation) and that works really well for me.

Direct daygame is all about you having the self-confidence and balls that you approached directly without being a creepy needy AFC. There is a difference with being direct and being honestly direct. If you are direct in showing your desires (wanting to wank her) you are acting like an AFC. If you are being the self-confident guy who knows how to please girls and respect women you state your intentions (wanting to get to know her better as a human being /person).

*Afterbite, are you opening large sets and mixed sets?  That shows balls too, even indirect.

3 Key success factors of daygame:
INNER GAME (Have balls): show your self-confidence to girls; they love it
APPROACH (Just do it): don’t start pondering about approaching the girls, just do it!
TALK (Be Natural): don’t let your game depend on canned material.

*Agreed – just approach! Canned material is fine with me if its YOUR OWN canned material (such as stories and personal routines and banter lines) or if you are a newbie.


– Self confidence is most important thing during daygame
– Self-affirmations: “I am the SHIT!” Dus niet: “I am shit” maar “I am THE shit!”
– Link your personality, kind of words you use/ language, outfit, and verbal conversational topics to one complete personality
– Think of all Hollywood films! Never clubgame but always daygame romances. So social conditioning says that this a beautiful love story which they can their family and friends about. So what do I do with this info? I take advantage of social conditioning!


– Directly zoom in with your eyes before you approached and do not break eye contact
– 100% eye contact
– Direct approach and opening
– Power of honesty: be honest and sincere sounding as if you never do this and this is just a strange magical event happening to the two of you.

Yes, direct should be very sincere.


– Never talk about sex or sex related topics
– DO NOT NEG!!!: Please do not NEG too much, especially with girls who have probably not experienced too much of this. I have lost lots of HB8-9s just because I became too cocky (& not funny for them) and by negging (in text, MSN or conversation).
– Words are not important or what you say…It is most important HOW you say it!

– Use your social intelligence and intellectual knowledge every time after she has told something about herself

*If negging is not working, you are doing in wrong.  A neg is a disqualifier, not an insult.  I use tease negs and banter and it works fine. The girl has to KNOW you are kidding when you call her a trouble maker or accuse her of trying to get you lost.   YOUR words are important (women get subtlety) as is how you say them…as is how you handle what they say.   You need to explain this better although I get it “- Use your social intelligence and intellectual knowledge every time after she has told something about herself.”

You can get them to visualize sex, making out with you, being with you in the future, etc.  It’s all in how you do it.   Subcommunication is your friend.  Also, longer sets give you time to build sexual tension and get more sexuality across.

How a typical Direct Daygame Approach looks like
1. Direct approach with lots of eye-contact, zoom in, make her stop and start opener
2. Comfort building
3. Qualification
4. Close

*Replace the Word “how” with the word “what.”

Though I have more a lot more of my own daygame guide, routines, pickup lines, etc, It’s best you guys to push yourself really hard to develop your own stuff… If I can achieve this level in just a few months, you can do this as well.

*Afterbite, how long are your sets generally?  Do you bounce girls?  Do you set up dates with them on the original sarge?  What types of venues are you doing?

*If that’s all you’re giving us, that’s all I can help you with. Thanks Afterbite. -Cuisine

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