Halloween Highlights

I sarged Thurs-Saturday and got about a dozen #s (two were date-closes/time bridges), social game (party), night game, several metro and a couple of street approaches.

As always…wit and humor work very well.  Saturday I opened my street approaches and sets while in (a beercan) costume with lines like:

  • *Stop looking at my can…my eyes are up here.
  • *Does this suit make my can look big?
  • *I have the biggest can in the place.
  • *You have can envy – I can tell.

On Saturday evening, my wing was Adept who was dressed as “Ug the Cavemen” and would open with things like:

  • *Are you looking for the…club? (He would wave the club)
  • *It’s so easy, even I can do it.
  • *There won’t be a clubbing, the cave is full.

Often women would just open us.

Oh, I did get the # of a woman dressed as Madonna, who is 7 inches taller than me.