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How to Approach Moving Sets

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

One of my early wings, Captain Calibration recently asked how to work moving sets.  Basically…they keep wandering off.  He also asked if he should be blocking them with his body, something he says he got from another PU company.

You don’t have to block them. The trick is  to stop the target, but turn her (and yourself) so that she isn’t facing the direction she was originally walking towards.  If you are walking with her…either bounce her somewhere else or find out how far she is going and time your sarge to get her # by the time you get there.

Direct redux

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

I did another direct opening on Halloween, as I had at the same event a year before…and i realized that as rare as my direct openings are…all of them have hooked.  Because they were direct openings or because I really meant what i said when I went direct?  Both, probably.

Here is another component: I have also done better in sets where it was not logistically easy to open.   This might have had to do with positioning (mine or hers) or the presence of other people in the set.  It makes the opening seem more direct.  So, yeah…I went into a mixed ten set to get a girl once (opening playful indirect) and did really well.  I once had t practically jump over two other girls to open direct on another…went well.   Show big balls and you do better..which is probably why Mystery says you are more likely to get laid from a mixed set.

I wing with a Smooth Virus who doesn’t like to open in a particular venue because you often have to go completely out of your way (telegraphing a lot of interest) to open,  Do it anyway, it works!  🙂

Halloween Highlights

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

I sarged Thurs-Saturday and got about a dozen #s (two were date-closes/time bridges), social game (party), night game, several metro and a couple of street approaches.

As always…wit and humor work very well.  Saturday I opened my street approaches and sets while in (a beercan) costume with lines like:

  • *Stop looking at my can…my eyes are up here.
  • *Does this suit make my can look big?
  • *I have the biggest can in the place.
  • *You have can envy – I can tell.

On Saturday evening, my wing was Adept who was dressed as “Ug the Cavemen” and would open with things like:

  • *Are you looking for the…club? (He would wave the club)
  • *It’s so easy, even I can do it.
  • *There won’t be a clubbing, the cave is full.

Often women would just open us.

Oh, I did get the # of a woman dressed as Madonna, who is 7 inches taller than me.