Speeddating Field Report

Went to a speeddating event last night.  It is amazing what you can do with a good pivot (Shelly) and a good wing.  i told Shelly i’d find a girl for her to hangout with at the event. Opened my target ( hb8.5) before even entering the venue (had the pivot w me already, and I was setting them up to hangout together and bounce out w/me).  Several AFCs watched me open her behind me and work her in awe. Got her # inside.  Went through the rotation with a  wing (Dr. Gonzo, who happened to be there) next to me.  bounced my original target out (with wing and pivot)…and set up a date (time bridge for this week).

I did use the fact that I am a motivation speaker/Dating Coach with the same company the SD is through as social cred.  I am teaching a general  men’s dating class (2.5 hour lecture) with a couple of coaches soon, so feel free to contact me (cuisine@daygamer.net) for info.

Dare and Horizon (who I sometimes run into in the field) were in attendance, as was a client of mine.  Not sure how they did…since I was busy and they weren’t near me.

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