Direct vs. Indirect Game

Everyone seems to be pushing direct as the method of choice in daygame, and I haven’t understood why.  I was going by Mystery‘s definition for direct: ” I saw you standing here and had to come meet you.”   Or “You are the cutest girl here and I wanted to see if there is more to you that meets the eye.”

I heard DJ Fuji (formerly head coach for Mehow) speak in DC last night and he said everyone who is good uses direct.  Knack and I were there and don’t do that much direct so we asked what he meant.  He did not mean the above definition of Direct Openers.  He meant “not being very indirect” as with an opinion opener.   So, to DJ Fuji, “Hey, how are you?” is direct.  Ok…by that definition, nearly everyone is direct in daygame. 🙂

There does seem to be a lot of confusion about this in the community.

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