Outer Game: Belts

COMIC-RED-BLUE-FULL-1I ran into Jon Wye at Eastern Market last weekend while I was working with a client.  Jon designs and makes his own belts, including his new line of Pirate Chef wear (includes an apron).  He has polka dot belts,  the home maker belt, a belt with flames, a kung fu belt, a belt with bananas and monkeys, etc.  He also has interesting buckles like the waffle, junk (points down), coffee cup, cherry pie, rooster (cock), etc.   I own the “fighting cock” belt, which is the rooster buckle on the kung fu belt; now…that is peacocking! 😉

He will be in Chicago and at Adams Morgan this weekend.  I assume he will be at one festival, and his partner will be at another.

They are talking about making scratch and sniff belts…and the pirate chef belt has a turkey on it.  If they do scratch and sniff belts that smell like turkey…no girl will think it is an accident that a guy smells that way. 😉  Jon – try vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, etc.


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