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Speeddating Field Report

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Went to a speeddating event last night.  It is amazing what you can do with a good pivot (Shelly) and a good wing.  i told Shelly i’d find a girl for her to hangout with at the event. Opened my target ( hb8.5) before even entering the venue (had the pivot w me already, and I was setting them up to hangout together and bounce out w/me).  Several AFCs watched me open her behind me and work her in awe. Got her # inside.  Went through the rotation with a  wing (Dr. Gonzo, who happened to be there) next to me.  bounced my original target out (with wing and pivot)…and set up a date (time bridge for this week).

I did use the fact that I am a motivation speaker/Dating Coach with the same company the SD is through as social cred.  I am teaching a general  men’s dating class (2.5 hour lecture) with a couple of coaches soon, so feel free to contact me ( for info.

Dare and Horizon (who I sometimes run into in the field) were in attendance, as was a client of mine.  Not sure how they did…since I was busy and they weren’t near me.

Direct vs. Indirect Game

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Everyone seems to be pushing direct as the method of choice in daygame, and I haven’t understood why.  I was going by Mystery‘s definition for direct: ” I saw you standing here and had to come meet you.”   Or “You are the cutest girl here and I wanted to see if there is more to you that meets the eye.”

I heard DJ Fuji (formerly head coach for Mehow) speak in DC last night and he said everyone who is good uses direct.  Knack and I were there and don’t do that much direct so we asked what he meant.  He did not mean the above definition of Direct Openers.  He meant “not being very indirect” as with an opinion opener.   So, to DJ Fuji, “Hey, how are you?” is direct.  Ok…by that definition, nearly everyone is direct in daygame. 🙂

There does seem to be a lot of confusion about this in the community.

Outer Game: Belts

Friday, September 11th, 2009

COMIC-RED-BLUE-FULL-1I ran into Jon Wye at Eastern Market last weekend while I was working with a client.  Jon designs and makes his own belts, including his new line of Pirate Chef wear (includes an apron).  He has polka dot belts,  the home maker belt, a belt with flames, a kung fu belt, a belt with bananas and monkeys, etc.  He also has interesting buckles like the waffle, junk (points down), coffee cup, cherry pie, rooster (cock), etc.   I own the “fighting cock” belt, which is the rooster buckle on the kung fu belt; now…that is peacocking! 😉

He will be in Chicago and at Adams Morgan this weekend.  I assume he will be at one festival, and his partner will be at another.

They are talking about making scratch and sniff belts…and the pirate chef belt has a turkey on it.  If they do scratch and sniff belts that smell like turkey…no girl will think it is an accident that a guy smells that way. 😉  Jon – try vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, etc.


Hoops/Shit Tests/Frame Control

Monday, September 7th, 2009

I was recently asked by a sbscriber how to handle it when girls try to get you to jump through hoops or be a dancing monkey.  Easy answer is hold on to your frame and don’t comply; stay in control, and steal their frame if you can.

Here is an example from earlier in the summer.  I was working with a daygame client (F) and we were sitting in a cafe.  I opened a middle eastern girl (HB8) and bantered her a while until she went to get a drink, and she sat on the other side of the safe in a couch.  I was helping F with his material, so we didn’t reposition to talk to her again even though she came to us and told me where she was sitting.  

We left to do some daygame and in a couple of hours we went back to the cafe for cold drinks and she was there on the other side reading, so I reopened the set.  I reopened and it went fine.  At some point she pushed a pen and paper towards e and told me to write something (a restaurant recommendation?) down (even though it was easy enough for her to do it).  I told her to do it…and we went back and forth but neither of us wrote it down – I didn’t comply and (jump through her hoop) she wouldn’t write it down either.  She was testing me.  Shit tests are good because it means the girl wants to see if you are real. 

So, talked a bit more and momement of truth…i went for the #.  I figured she might shit test me or make me work for the #.  She only tried for a second. I started going for the # and she said to write mine down, and I said “no…I’ll call you so you have mine too, what is your #?”  She complied without a problem. 

One thing that was great was that the client was there and able to watch and hear the whole set. 🙂

Oh, and after working on attraction (his weakness) all day, the client got a makeout at an event I brought him to.


More recent examples of controlling the set in daygame;  this was Eastern Market: 

A bee was pestering two girls we (a client and I) were talking to.  I told them to remain calm (controlled the frame), and then we put an empty lemoade cup 10 feet from us and the bee landed there and left us alone. A guy came in to kill it and I told him not to mess with her pet bee.  he had attempted to enter our set…and i stopped him.  The bee was no longer bothering anyone…why kill it? He wanted to play the hero to 2 girls who were already talking to 2 guys.

We were talking to 2 girls at a shop and the store owner tried to interfere by asking if I wanted to buy the necklace.  I told him i’d get back to him…without focusing on him and then drew the girl into banter about the necklace.  The message:  The girls are fine talking to us, and I’ll let you know when I need your help with merchandise.