Social Proof From Hired Guns

I can’t stress the importance if vibing with people who work in stores and restaurants and bars, especially ones you frequent normally.  Every time I enter the mall, I give the women at a particular kiosc a hug.  I also know my servers in restaurants and hired (of various types) guns in bars.  It’s social proof, but it also opens them and their present and future coworkers (and even customers) up as targets.  That is how I # closed that Dead Sea products girl, and they are some of the toughest hired guns out there.  That is also how I # closed a kiosk employee the same day, since her coworker knew me.

Oh, “call back humor” (inside jokes) works on hired guns. 🙂

Also, I get a lot of free stuff and discounts from vibing with hired guns and being a regular.