I’ve gotten 20 or so numbers in the last week. Keeping track of them is a challenge.  These numbers included 5 hired guns, 4 of which were in or around a mall.  One was one of the dreaded “Dead Sea” girls (this one is an Hb9.5) who are (generally Israeli and) trained to give you mixed signals until you buy one.  Yes, these girls are near impossible to game…but i had also “drive by” bantered her once about 6 months ago and she remembered me.  She opened me this time.  Also number closed a hired gun half my age but she wasn’t as interesting as a whole package, so I’m not calling her.  Actually, the way this week is going (in a good way), I may not call any of them, and I’m fine with that.

Recently, I approached a cyclist (she had a helmet and backpack) in a supermarket.  She was selecting peaches. I accused her of entering the supermarket and pretending to buy peaches to get out of the heat, and told her it would take her 2 hours to buy 2 peaches.  Turned out to be an Eastern European grad student, hb8.5 or 9.  When I went for the number she scanned me quickly to decide if she was interested physically and said “Yes, I’ll give you my number.”

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