Shit Tests

A lot of people are annoyed when a girl throws crazy tests at them, and they think they aren’t doing well.  No.  She is testing you to see if you are real – you need to pass those tests.  Conventional wisdom (Style, Mystery) is to dodge those shit tests:

Her: “I give great blowjobs.”  You: “Respect!”

Now, that’s fine, and sometimes you have to do that…but I generally bust the shit out of them for shit testing me.  I’d probably tell the girl that we have a snowman in the back she can practice on…and that he is frigid but has a big carrot.  I’ve never used that one.

Example (she is taller than me):  “I have never dated a man shorter than me.”  I have several answers to this…one of which is telling them that they are just too short for me and need to wear taller heels. I have banter I use with that as well…that is basically role playing.   Basically i subcommunicate that i do not have hieght issues, which is what they are screening me for. And yes, I’ve dated girls from 4’9-5’11.

Why did this come up.  This weekend I went on a date with a striking black woman who lived in europe for a long time…and she shit tested me to high hell at the first venue (we bounced from a dive bar to dive restaurant).  “American men are big babies. “White men like Asian girls because they have no curves – they really want boys.” “I have never dated a man shorter than me.”  “I like manly men”

Plus…she started smoking (made her reposition and blow the other way).

I handled all her shit tests…and by the end she was really into me.  They want men who can handle and throw their crap back at them.  They want to know you are real.   That can mean being nonreactive or it can mean busting them to high hell.

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