Infield Insider with “James”

A bunch of us watched an Infield Insider featuring “James” (a Mehow Instructor) last night.  He did a supermarket approach and was quite good.  

I find it interesting that Mehow said that daygame sets are compressed/quicker, when that isn’t always the case.  Sometimes they are 2 minutes (I need to run, whats your number?), and sometimes you can have a 4 hour bouncing instadate (like I had a few weeks ago).  

Also, I don’t kino a ton during daygame but I kino a lot more than James did.  A Venusian Arts Coach once said to students during a Daygame lecture that they should not kino during daygame at all, and I’m against that.  Daygame is game, and includes kino. Less Kino?  Depending on environment, yes.  During metro game, a lot less kino may be in order.