Number Closing Hired Guns

I got a phone number from a waitress last night, and she slipped me her # written on receipt paper.  This came up last weekend as well when I got the number from one of the demonstration girls for a product at a mall, and she said she couldn’t give me her # because her boss was around, but could I stop by tomorrow?  No. Instead, I told her to write it down on a flier and give it to me, which she did.

So, often hired guns can’t just type their # into your phone but need to be more discreet (so that people don’t see her giving her # out at work), and hand you their #.

As far as the waitress, I was going to let it slide and not go for a number this time…but she shot a obvious IOI at me, and Smooth Virus and I then knew she was interested.  In response to a banter line: “You’re so silly” with her reaching over to whack my hand.   She had already been kino’ing me here and there.


# Close = Get the phone number.

Hired Gun = an employee, especially ones traditionally hired for their looks (waitresses, bartenders, strippers, Hostesses, Greeters, Israeli Dead Sea Product Saleswomen).