Cognitive Dissonance response from Adonis

Two of our readers commented regarding the CD definition I posted. Puma asked about CD in game, and Adonis responded (under his Charming Rogue account on twitter) saying that he would followup with more info.  here it is (thanks):

Adonis – Cognitive Dissonance

July 11, 2009 by Adonis

AdonisTo truly understand the process of seduction, a working understanding of the theory of Cognitive Dissonance is necessary. Cognitive Dissonance is caused when a person holds two or more conflicting or contradictory beliefs about the self. When this is experienced, it causes a person so much discomfort that they will typically rationalize one belief away. For example, a woman you have approached and attracted suddenly finds herself wanting to go to bed with you, but this conflicts with her idea of being a good girl or at least not a slut.

(Note: The term “slut” is a construct created by women to use as a weapon to lower other women’s social value. I have no misogynistic intentions in using this word. As previously stated, I believe women should be free to engage in any sexual acts she so desires without judgment.)

She then rationalizes that going home with you was “meant to be” or “fate” and therefore it is permissible for her to act on her impulses. Her cognitive dissonance has been removed.

Cognitive Dissonance is also why proper escalation is so effective. If she is complying with each of your escalations she will often possess two conflicting beliefs:

1) Things are rapidly getting more and more physical and intimate; and
2) Only an “easy” or “slutty” girl would allow rapid escalations to happen with someone they don’t really like. In order to abet her cognitive dissonance, she will rationalize to herself that she must really like you because she is definitely not easy or a slut.

Cognitive Dissonance is an important component of Sexual Framing. I will be covering the tools I actually use to Frame a Women Sexually in an upcoming article.