IOIs 101, Part 1

I’ve had a lot of experience with miscalibrated girls, where they are not actually putting out the correct signals (IOIs) for their level of interest.  Examples:

1.  Women who were physically all over you – because they were comfortable w/you or just want to flirt, but they have no intention of following through.  Often, they are comfortable doing this BECAUSE they don’t plan on following through.  I had a married woman play this game with me a few months ago. Uh uh. 

2.  Women who are interested but gave less signals because they are shy. Men think these women aren’t interested in them when they actually were.  Big problem for the women…since they screen out appropriate men…leaving less appropriate ones (who don’t care if she is interested).  This is sometimes cultural.

3.  Women who everyone thinks are interested but they just give everyone those signals.

The trick here is ascertaining what someone’s “norm” is.  If someone is flipping her hair at you like crazy but that is what she does all day…it is not directed at you specifically and doesn’t count as an IOI.

Lets focus on #3.  I met a (daygame) hired gun this weekend who gave EVERYONE (men and women) lots of IOIs.  She was afterall trying to sell her products, so she actually meant to put a lot of interest out there.  But…I was getting tons of IOIs…so I had to look for differences in the IOIs she gave me (vs others) in order to guage her interest in me.  Plus, I wasn’t actually a possible customer (she wasn’t trying to sell me anything, even as a gift).  And she did try to use me for social proof several times, which through me off a bit as far as guaging interest.

 A few IOI Examples (towards me): 

1.  She asked what we (she hadnt talked to my friends) were doing that night and tried to get us to where she was going. 

2.  She displayed knowledge of my culture (she used Yiddish words), pointing out that she dated a jew and that his mom loved her. 

3.  She had me sit next to her in her area (mini isolation). 

4.  She repeatedly told me how funny I am. (Humor is an attraction trigger.)

5.  She told me to come back and see her.  Etc, etc, etc. 

Yup, she was interested.    She jumped at the # close.

This is not what she was doing (there were no IODs)…but…for a fun time, go to a mall and watch the Israeli hired guns selling Dead Sea products.  They are using “push pull” the whole time, giving you positive (flirtatious) signals while also giving negative body position (IOD) signals.  There is a video out there of Sean Messenger gaming one…and even while she gives him IOIs, she puts a clipboard or a chair between them (a “closed” signal).

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