Funny online game response I received

“Hi C********,

Thanks for your warm note. And thanks for forwarding the video clip. What’s it like eating pork? Wink

We do have things in common. To up the ante, we’d have even more in common if we agreed on the following:

~ Like me, you believe that marriage should be defined as between one man and one woman

~ You’re think children do best in homes headed by a husband and a wife

~ You understand that being socially conservative can also mean that you’re thoughtful, cultured, and open-minded … not racist, homophobic, etc., as the left accuses you of being.

~ You’re grateful that, despite Bush’s flaws, we did not see a single act of domestic terrorism for over 7 years on American soil

If this sounds like you … we would hit it off splendidly.
Have a good start to the day!



P.S. She’s getting screened out (doesn’t meet the qualifications for me). 😉

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