Day/Social game Field Report – Russian Lifeguard

Russian hottie (law sudent), approximately 22yo at the pool.  She was chatting with an Asian-ish  guy (not a  lifeguard) about her age in Russian.  I opened by asking if he is Kazakh (Ooops, Mongolian) and then asked if she is Russian (correct).   The dude wound up being a prop and giving me material to use by asking me questions but he didnt make any moves on her.  He translated for her sometimes.  He was cool.

she couldnt understand some of what i said but she kept getting giggly, her buying temperature (energy) climbed and she kept telling me how funny i am (IOIs, and DHV on being funny).  She was trying to hide how interested she was by hiding her face when she laughed but that (the hiding) didn’t last long.

The three of us talked about food and culture (DHV – my identity) which I transitioned into foreign girls I’d dated (preselection).  at one point she asked how many g/fs I have (IOI)…and I said “none but I’m looking for new ones. Are Russian girls cute (neg)?  I’ve never dated one.”  She said “I promise they are (IOI since said in a knowing way).”

I used “thumb war” and high fives to raise her buying temperature (since I already was getting attraction). I negged (bantered) her on having “cheater’s thumbs.”  “Your thumbs grow when you start thumb wrestling.” or some such.

At one point she said her computer has viruses. I told her to stop downloading topless pics of Brad Pitt.  She said he isn’t her type.  I mentioned another actor. Nope.  Vinn Diesel? Eh…but it wanst as negative a reatcion so i said “ like big bald men.” and she said “No, i like men like you.” Major IOI.

I knew she was getting off work soon so i said i was going for pizza soon and asked if she wanted to come (a bounce) . “No. Tonight I have icecream, fruit, and coffee. Tomorrow we get pizza (a date close AKA time bridge).”  I told her I couldnt tomorrow, but Thursday?  She said yes and kept telling me not to forget thursday (IOI).  I went for her # and she went to take my instead so I overcame her objection and got her # and called her so she’d have mine.  I texted her later.  She responded.

Always try to get the number even if the girl says no the first time. It may be a shit test (test to see if you are real)…like the last 2 times it happened to me.


IOI = Indicator of interest. DHV= Demonstration of Value.

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