Kino in Daygame

People are social animals who connect through touch (kino).  The amount and kinds of touch vary per individual and environment.  The challenge with day game is knowing that train, music festival, street, library, bookstore, beach, park, cafe, shopping mall food court, supermarket, clothing store, etc…..approaches  may require different amounts of physical touch.   I do believe that you should kino both during day game and night game, and that if you are not, you should learn how.

Game is game and game requires kino.  Social people touch each other and being social (and having social inelligence) is attractive to women.  The people who looked most comfortable in the picture I posted regarding body language…were touching others.  The ones who were less comfortable either crawled up inside themselves ad shrank away or hid behind something (like a drink).

Social people even touch people of the same sex (in appropriate ways like (in men) fist bumps and shoulder taps and high fives)…its part of being social.  If you shrink away from another man tapping your shoulder or something (I’ve seen it happen)…you are inviting the AMOGing (alpha males dominating you) of your life. 🙂

In general…kino less in day game than night game unless its high energy day game like a music festival.  Kino even less if its somewhere where people are natural uncomfortable and low energy like a metro…and even less on the metro platform standing up.

I like to teach  how to kino in general – how and where to touch.   Some people like to teach kino gambits (I use the ring finger routine).  A combination is fine as well.

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