On Being Social

I approached two women looking at a menu outside a restaurant a few nights ago.  I wasn’t attracted to either of them…but I asked and teased them about the restaurant and chatted a bit.  “Big Shot” watched.  Then their extremely hot friend joined them, I switched to her, and Big Shot came in and talked to the original two girls (he was smooth and occupied them without a problem).  The Hottie had an amazing personality and we talked about food, culture, and travel, and I got her #.  I had just passed the two girls because I wasn’t into them…I would not have met the hottie.

The lesson here is that being social is fun – you can make friends and expand your social circle, and you can meet their friends as well.  I talk to people everywhere including people who work in stores (and restaurants and bars)…and I make connections and often get free stuff and better treatment that way.

Also, when you are being social, other people notice and want to talk to you as well.

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